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I just purchased a Sweda natural latex, wool & innerspring organic mattress. I would like to put a mattress protector over it since it's in a guest bedroom. I know these mattresses need to breath, so can you recommend a somewhat waterproof mattress cover/protector that won't create problems for my new mattress?

asked Jun 04 '13
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Kelly P from San Diego, CA
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Jun 04 '13

Hi Kelly, We don't carry mattress pads on our website because you can buy good ones cheap at Big Lots. They have Simmons Beautyrest mattress pads that are waterproof and quilted. I forget the price, but it was low.

answered Jun 05 '13
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Peter Cancelli ♦
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Hi Kelly,

I know this mattress is in a guest room but does the protector need to be waterproof? Two companies make great mattress protectors that better compliment your natural choice of mattress. NaturaWorld actually makes several mattress protectors but my favourite is their washable wool protector. They do make a natural protector with waterproofing as well in their Natura Protect line. Another very nice all-natural protector is carried by St. Geneve called St. Dormeir. This is also a washable wool protector with terry covering. Both of these protectors are not cheap but worth the investment.

answered Jun 05 '13
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Debi Chewerda ♦
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You do get that if it is waterproof you are basically nullifying the benefits of the wool you paid dearly for? We carry one from 45th street bedding which is not waterproof but if you did spill water of something and got too it fairly soon you are fine, it is washable wool and reasonably priced.

answered Jun 09 '13
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Joey Ashley ♦
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