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I am looking for a certified organic there such a thing? I have reached my end....

How about Cozy Pure? Are they a certified organic bedding manufacturer?

asked Nov 19 '13
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I'd like to know the answer to this one too..

(Nov 19 '13) Ernest S Ernest S's gravatar image

There are certified organic mattresses on the market. Some are certified by the Gobal Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and some are certified by the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS). Naturepedic is certified under both programs. The certifications include complete lot tracking and factory inspections. OMI (although our competitor) also is certified.

answered Nov 19 '13
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Barry Cik ♦
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Keep in mind all, that the question was are there Certified Organic Mattresses. I have yet to see a credible governing body that certifies the MATTRESS as organic. Yes, Naturepedic and OMI have certified components, arguably the most, but the mattress itself is not certified nor does there exist an entity that certifies the mattress.

(Nov 19 '13) Joe Alexander ♦ Joe Alexander's gravatar image

Actually both GOTS and GOLS are recognized acceoted international standards certifying both textile / fiber and latex rubber components, and yes, finished mattresses for both Naturepedic and OMI...Mr. Alexander's comments are simply wrong. both of these manufactuers have GOTS and GOLS certified finished mattresses. Dale T. Read, Presidetn of the Specialty Sleep Association (SSA) and member of the Organic Trade Association (OTA) Fiber Council.

(Feb 10 '18) Dale Dale's gravatar image

Fantastic question. Simply: No. There currently is no governing body certifying a completed mattress as organic. There are governing bodies regulating food and some, like the OTA, that regulate textiles, personal care items. But no one is out there certifying mattresses as organic, so it is mostly a marketing term for a mattress made with organic materials, such as organic wool and cotton.

There is no organic foam. The best you can do is find latex foam that was made with latex gathered from trees which were certified organic, but the foaming process is not organic. Now, there are latex foams that have been tested to be non-toxic, or emitting no detected levels of toxic chemicals. There are respected organizations such as Greenguard and Oeko Tex that certify through rigorous and stringent testing that the foams and glues are safe.

When shopping for an "organic" mattress, keep in mind that it is a marketing term and that every company will have a different definition of what an organic mattress is. Its up to you to do your research, check the validity and existence of certifications for their materials.

answered Nov 19 '13
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Joe Alexander ♦
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As for Cozy Pure specifically, as you asked two questions, here is a perfect example of a company that uses organic as a marketing term. As you look through their latex mattresses, notice how they say they use certified organic cotton for the cover, but then they say they use "natural" wool? Organic wool is expensive, so they use regular wool. Non certified wool has been subjected to chemicals somewhere in the process.

(Nov 19 '13) Joe Alexander ♦ Joe Alexander's gravatar image

Hello Anonymous. Look in to OMI. They are in California. They produce the purest mattress on the market.

answered Nov 19 '13
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Jeff Saunders ♦
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Nov 19 '13


Check us out ....Mountain Air Organic Beds we make 3 and 4 layer organic mattresses. Organic cotton, organic wool and 100% all natural latex rubber tapped from organic rubber trees.

answered Nov 19 '13
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