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What is the best organic or latex mattress?

asked Jan 18 '14
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What Are Your Criteria Regarding "Best Organic Mattress"?

A. CERTIFIED ORGANIC: You can get the entire mattress certified under the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) organic certification program, as opposed to, for example, only getting organic fabric, etc. For most of its products, Naturepedic uses certified organic cotton fabric, certified organic cotton filling, certified organic latex, certified organic wool, certified organic kapok, and/or certified organic cotton encased coils, and gets the entire mattress certified by GOTS. Naturepedic products also meet the highest GREENGUARD standards and most are part of the Specialty Sleep Association Environmental & Safety Program (i.e. Level IV Certified Organic).

B. DESIGN OPTIONS: Naturepedic makes luxury mattresses that are (a) organic latex based, or (b) coil based, i.e. entirely latex free, or (c) hybrid latex and coils. There are differing feels to each approach. Many people like the hybrid approach best, at least in part because it combines the feel of latex with the breathable cool effect of coils, For the coils, Naturepedic makes its own certified organic cotton encased coils. For the quilts, Naturepedic quilts its own beautiful luxurious tack-and-jump quilts. Naturepedic also offers adjustable bases upholstered with organic cotton and organic latex.

C. CUSTOMIZATION: In addition to a broad choice of design options, Naturepedic offers individual customization with its EOS line. This is appropriate for the customer who wants to actually see what's inside the mattress, and who may want to customize the feel at any time in the future without having to buy a new mattress. This option is for the "I want to know what's in the product and am happy to spend an hour to unzip parts and customize the product" generation.

answered Jan 24 '14
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Barry Cik ♦
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This is a very tricky but good question. With out a doubt the most certified "organic" mattresses are OMI and Naturepedic. OMI has been around for years and the quality of the product is not questionable. Naturepedic grew up as a crib mattress company and then starting making youth mattresses similar to the crib mattresses and now is getting into the adult market. If the criteria is most certified then you should stop right there and evaluate those 2. Both will come at a premium price and in some cases some comfort compromises. In my opinion Savvy Rest is very close to both of those in certifications and has really has a customizable system which is second to none, they use GOLS Certified Organic Dunlop Latex (note: no Talalay latex is certified organic), certified organic wool and cotton. Their customer service is second to none and they are actually an employee owned certified B corp which tells a lot about the quality of caring people who are there. Other companies promoting an organic line include Royal Pedic, WJ Southard, Cozy Pure, and Suite Sleep. All deserve a mention in the conversation. Even Pure Latex Bliss makes an 'all natural' version with an organic cotton cover and organic wool flame barrier - it is all Talalay which again is not a certified material but is a different and comfortable feel (not to be confused with the 'natural' Pure Latex Bliss products, which are only 30% natural latex and 70% other). So to me, everyone needs to define what is important to them - certifications, comfort, company, etc - or a combination. Do not get caught up in the marketing - as ALL these companies have really gotten good at it - and decide what is important for you, the individual.

answered Mar 04 '14
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Joey Ashley ♦
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Wow…that question opens up all sorts of opinions! There are many great organic latex mattress manufacturers. So many, in fact, that it's terribly confusing.

Having sold Natura, OMI, Vivetique, Savvy Rest, Suite Sleep, Bed in a Box, Englander's Nature's Finest, and two private labels, and having checked out organic mattress lines at the furniture markets (Pure Latex Bliss, Palmpring, Naturepedic, Ergovia, Green Sleep and others) here's my insight.

The level of comfort of latex mattresses tends to be extra firm to medium firm. Even when the organic beds have been described as "soft" or "plush" they tend to be quite firm. My best advice is to get a firm to medium firm mattress and add a wool or latex topper. That seems to be the only way to really achieve a plush feel. If you like a firm (read that "hard") bed, you'll be fine without a topper.

I also look at value. In my opinion, the Suite Sleep Ace Hotel mattress is the best value and most comfortable mattress I've seen.

Again, there are many excellent choices and high quality products to select from. I do recommend going to a brick and mortar store to personally experience what is available. "Best" is very subjective, since it depends on what's comfortable and supportive for you!

answered Jan 19 '14
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Karen Woods ♦
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Karen is dead on! That is like saying what is the best restaurant, best car, etc. Many options, not all would be best for YOU.

Here are some things to consider: There are only a few ways to make an organic mattress: Organic Wool, Organic Cotton, Pure, natural latex. That is pretty much it. The rest is design and marketing.

For affordability, Nest Bedding has some of the most affordable organic mattresses. Oregon Tilth Certified Wool and cotton, domestically grown, and USA manufactured latex, Oeko Tex certified. One thing that sets us apart, besides the low price, is the zoning. Most people have seen the holes in latex, consistent throughout the entire layers of latex. We use "zoned" pieces, meaning the holes are larger in the shoulder and hip areas, allowing the latex to give more in the areas you need more give. The consistent holes makes for a flat, consistent surface. A flat, consistent surface may not be the "best" for a side sleeper, and encourages proper spinal alignment on your back.

We also compress pack and vacuum seal our beds, which make them easy to ship around the country and ensures they are not exposed to anything harmful in the shipping process.

I hope this helps. There are many good brands out there, the "best" one for you is that gives you good support, is breathable and in your budget.

answered Jan 23 '14
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Joe Alexander ♦
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When I did my research and testing of organic lines, there were many to choose from. But reading about "greenwashing" and "Sleep Safe in a Toxic World" by Walt Bader, we are partial to OMI. They have a very fine organic mattress line up with all price points. No matter who you choose, you must go in person to try the bed before you buy. I cannot stress that enough. Ask yourself this, "at this time is it practical to spend the same amount of money on organic fruit as opposed to the regular stuff?" You would be skeptical if the price was the same wouldn't you. Organic is a premium, there is a lot more involved so the prices are naturally higher. You can just slap the the words "natural" and "hypoallergenic" on brands, those words mean nothing except $$$ to marketing executives. If you also have the ability, go see a factory tour of the plant where you are buying from.

Good Luck!

answered Jan 23 '14
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Our organic mattresses have interchangeable layers of natural latex, certified organic cotton and wool zippered casing so as your body changes and your need change so can your mattress.

Most conventional latex mattresses will form a body impression in 10 years because they use super soft foams on top or they wrap the layers in wool which also creates body impressions and need rotated. The denser latex last longer and feels like a rubber mattress not a foam mattress. To say all latex is created equal is not true.

This is why we offer a zippered mattress you have control over. Our products are proudly Made in the USA by disabled veterans.

answered Jan 23 '14
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Mar 04 '14

answered Apr 18 '18
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Latex, by it's nature, is organic. With the popularity of latex growing over the past several years, many new brands of latex mattresses have come to the market...and it's hard to buy a bad one. Talalay latex, a different process than the original Dunlop process, is more supple and the most popular for comfort....while the more dense Dunlop latex is more durable. But even Talalay latex is long lasting.

The pure LatexBLISS line, made by Latex International of Connecticut, has been the industry leader of Talalay latex for more than 60 years. The EverEden brand combines a Dunlop core, made in Sri-Lanka, with a Talalay comfort layer from Latex International, at a much lower price. The only latex you need to look twice at before buying would be that which is imported from China, as their quality control is often lacking.


answered Jan 23 '14
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I'd only say one thing. Many types of natural latex may form depressions over time or soften at the lower back and butt region, causing lower back pain. No matter who you buy from, be sure to check if their warranty has a limit on the amount of depression that must form before you can exercise the warranty. Many manufacturers require a 1" dip or larger. Most layers of latex will only show a 1/4" dip and still need to be replaced. Go with someone who doesn't have a limit, as in, any amount of depression is covered. Our brand, for example, is called Natural Sense Organic Mattress.

answered Jan 23 '14
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