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I am researching organic latex and wool beds. I would like a mattress with interchangeable layer latex for firmness control. I live in the Sierra foothills. Thanks, Lelia.

asked Jan 10 '17
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Hi Lelia -- Thanks for your question.

Based on your criteria, you may want to consider the Spindle Mattress. It is an all natural latex mattress that is available in 4 softness levels -- each of which is a configuration that has interchangeable layers for additional firmness control. The mattress itself is not certified organic, however it is made with organic wool and cotton, and the latex is all natural. It also is significantly less expensive than latex mattresses that are certified organic, and comes delivered to your doorstep for free.

You can read more about it here, or watch our video review of this mattress on YouTube.

If this sounds interesting, we also have a 5% discount code at the moment that you can use on their website toward any Spindle mattress purchase. You can find that here:

Hope that helps!

answered Jan 10 '17
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