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Hi everyone,

So I have been visiting mattress retailers and looking to buy a new mattress. As I am sure that you all know, they're an investment. Clearly something I plan on having for over 10 years. A lot of them are trying to one get me to finance, and I dont know much about the industry. Let me start with that. I just don't know enough about how the mattress retail industry works. So back to it, I have been visiting these retailers and the pricing and a lot of how they set up their sales just seems off. So far as the information they will tell me about this model or that model. Some of it being, a little far fetched in my opinion but as I dont know enough to say otherwise I wanted to get some opinions on where can i get honest information on the best mattresses available. Here's the thing, I want the best quality mattress for my back pains. Looking to spend around 800 willing to pay more for a better quality.

asked May 30 '17
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Mike from Mundelein, IL
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Asked: May 30 '17

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