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I would like to know if the Ashfield Plush mattress from Serta is an adjustable mattress.

asked Dec 26 '16
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Hi there -- Thanks for your question.

Just to clarify, if you're asking whether this mattress has any adjustable features built-in, the answer is definitely no. For example, it does not have the ability to make it harder or softer (like most air mattresses do).

However, I suspect you're asking whether this mattress could be used on an adjustable base. Since this is an innerspring mattress, this will principally depend on the type of coil unit used in this model. "Pocketed coil" models can generally be used on an adjustable base without problem, provided they don't have a flimsy foam perimeter that bows out when the mattress is bent. By contrast, "connected coil" models can NOT be used on an adjustable base -- that type of coil unit is not designed to be bent and will retain its bent shape even when straightened back out.

Our records do not show for certain which type of coil unit was used in this model, however based on the fact that it appears to be Serta Brand, it is almost certainly a connected coil unit -- and thus would NOT be usable on an adjustable base. If it is a Serta Perfect Sleeper, it may have pocketed coils, but only if it was purchased in the past couple years (and even then it still may not). If it is a Serta iSeries, it definitely has pocketed coils.

Hope that helps.

answered Dec 26 '16
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