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I am concerned about chemicals in my mattress, particularly toxic ones. Can anyone tell me what chemicals are in the iSeries Merit mattress from Serta?

asked Jul 24 '12
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Rose E
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Jan 21 '13

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Serta promises that all of our products are safe for our consumers, our employees and the environment. We do not use any harmful/toxic chemicals in our products, including iSeries mattresses. If you would like to discuss any specific concerns, please feel free to email us at with your contact information.

answered Jul 25 '12
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Anonymous ♦
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How Serta can "promise" their products are safe is beyond me. You can't promise something is safe! Any thinking person should look for valid third party testing to back up statements. Companies use plastics and polyfoams and chemical fire barriers, these contain chemicals. It is grossly irresponsible to just say our products are safe.

(May 22 '14) Joe Alexander ♦ Joe Alexander's gravatar image

I have not had anybody have an allergic reaction of any king to the iSeries beds. We have had an isolated incident of an allergic reaction to the Tempur-Pedic line but it was very unusual and the customer slept fine on a Comfor-Pedic instead. If you know of specific allergies that you have but do not experience any discomfort in the store, you are not likely to have a problem in your home.

No retailer is using Boric Acid to make their mattresses fire retardent. If you are very concerned about the healthy foams, check out Simmons mattresses that all have a Certi-PUR certification. I don't think the iSeries would give you any problems though.

answered Aug 23 '12
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The BEST way to go would be to buy an organic mattress made from natural materials not synthetic. Organic mattresses contain wool as a natural flame retardant so there is no need for toxic chemical fire retardants. OMI is an organic mattress company that offers the purest mattresses made from 100% natural latex from a rubber tree, Eco-Wool and organic cotton.

answered Jul 25 '12
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