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my wife likes soft and I like firm. what is in between?

asked Oct 09 '16
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Bud from Harker Heights, TX
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Hi there -- Thanks for your question. At a very high level, options that are called "Luxury Firm," "Cushion Firm," or "Plush Firm" tend to have a "medium" level of softness that would be somewhere in between your and your wife'a preferences.

That said, there are 3 gradations of softness that we rate even within the "medium" realm, which we call: medium, medium-soft, and medium-firm. And even more importantly, figuring out the optimal level of softness that would best address the combined needs of you and your wife depends on more factors than just your respective comfort preferences, since a mattress that feels firm or soft to one person can feel very different to someone who is a different weight or age, or sleeps in a different position, or suffers from different conditions that affect their sleep, etc.

To help you determine the ideal softness level that best addresses your combined needs, and find options in your area (or online) that match your criteria, you can take our simple match quiz here:

Hope that helps!

answered Oct 09 '16
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GoodBed Help ♦♦
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