I have narrowed my search down to 2 mattresses: the Love Bed and the Casper Mattress. Does anyone have any advice? I'm 220lbs and a side sleeper

asked Jul 01 '15
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Hi Anon,

I have done sleep tests on both the Casper and Love Bed. In some respects they are similar...they are both 10", they both use a 3" comfort layer, modern designed cover, great price point, etc.

However, they are both quite different as well. The biggest functional differences are as follows:

-Love Bed uses a 3" latex layer vs. Casper's combination of 1.5" latex + 1.5" memory. The thicker latex later results in better cooling and better bounce in the Love Bed -Love Bed uses a convoluted support foam vs. Casper's smooth support foam. This gives the Love Bed better deep compression support, which will be especially important for you given your size.

The Love Bed is most likely going to be a better choice for you than the Casper. At 220 you're likely to sink deeper into the Casper, down to the less comfortable support foams. The Love Bed is able to better manage this sinkage via the convoluted foam.

If you're interested, you might find it helpful to look at the reviews I did of Casper and the Love Bed on my site: sleepopolis-mattress-reviews.com

answered Jul 07 '15
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Derek H from Scottsdale, AZ
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Casper mattress better for my opinion

answered Jul 29 '15
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Alfredo B from Sarasota, FL
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