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I recently bought a Matrand mattress from Ikea and it kills my back. I am a stomach sleeper but I'm pretty sure it is too firm. Once I added a 3 inch gel memory foam topper it became much more bearable. I am planning to exchange it for another mattress and was trying to decide between the Sultan Hansbo and the Sultan Holmsta. Any thoughts?

asked May 21 '15
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Nicole from Phoenix, AZ
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I would recommend simply returning it or selling it on Craigslist if that's not an option. IKEA mattresses quite frankly just are not that great.

I am lifelong stomach sleeper and mattress review blogger. I've slept on just about every mattress available online and many in store.

Here's a few choices you might consider:

* Leesa - one of my personal favorites, strikes a nice balance of comfort, support, hug, body contour, and price

* Nature's Sleep Emerald Gel - specifically designed for stomach sleepers, a bit pricier, but has a really nice feel that just about any stomach sleeper is going to love

* Amerisleep Colonial - if you're like me and prefer a slightly softer mattress you might really like the Colonial. It's one of the softest mattresses I've tried and I've found it to be extremely nice.

Let me know if there are any other questions I can help with.

answered May 26 '15
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Derek H from Scottsdale, AZ
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