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Does anyone have the Serta by Paula Deen Whitaker Sunset foam mattress (no coils)? If so, please comment on durability, support, longevity, likes and dislikes. I bought the Paula Deen Whitaker Sunset 6 weeks ago and I like it so far. My last Serta foam mattress set (the Perfect Sleeper Amulet Visco polyurethane) lasted about 11 years on a 20-year warranty, which I think is really good, but I'm wondering about the new one. Thank you.

asked Nov 18 '14
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Sheri S from Hobe Sound, FL
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I bought the paula deen sunset whitaker mattress about 2 weeks ago and so far so good. I'm a little worried about the durability and the quality though. The mattress seems to be very low density foam and is very light compared to of few of my friend's memory foam mattresses which both weigh an average of 80 pounds. This mattress only weighs about 20. Have you had any problems with it? Any sagging? Any information on it? Mark

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About this mattress at a price of $500 for a queen hoping that it would help with my back problems laid on it in the store it felt comfortable it felt really good so I decided to purchase it purchased it over a six-month period of making payments finally got it paid off got it home after 2 months I felt like I was sleeping in a hole besides side when you sit on them and they don't spring back when you stand up everywhere you sleep on the mattress sags so you can never get comfortable you feel like you're sleeping in a hammock constantly everywhere you move its sides so it was a complete waste of money I feel like I have been completely ripped off not to mention I have a 10 year warranty and when I called Big Lots where I purchase this mattress after only owning it 1 month less than a year I was told that my mattress was only worth $349 this mattress comes with a 10-year warranty can somebody please explain to me how a 10 year warranty is prorated down to your mattress being worth $350 after only owning it a year. This is a complete rip-off for a mattress it sucks it sleeps horribly very uncomfortably and Big Lots is terrible about owning up to the 10-year warranty

answered Sep 13 '16
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Wendy L from Louisville, KY
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Agree with Wendy's comments. Bought 2 Serta mattress', less than 3 years ago from Big Lots, including the Paula Deen and they both have the sagging problem. Within a few months the bottom cover on the foundation came loose and was hanging on the floor. Had to restaple it myself. Worse mattress purchase ever. Steer clear.

answered Dec 18 '16
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i bought a serta paula deen 7 years ago, after the first year it was just sagging where we laid, i tried several times with the 10 year warranty to get it replaced but the store i bought it from kept saying it wasnt sagging enough, worst mattess i ever bought.

answered Feb 10 '18
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janet from Hattieville, AR
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I bought this mattress a year ago. It has broken down so badly that it is no longer comfortable. It sags in places where most pressure is kept, I have tried rotating it, but it has become broken down in even more places. I will be contacting the store about a replacement.

answered Feb 24 '18
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