I purchased a foam mattress made by PedicSolutions, from QVC August of 2013. For the first eight months, I was very satisfied. However, as months have gone by, I have become very dissatisfied with my purchase. I just called QVC and spoke to customer service. I told them my concern, and was told to get in touch with the manufacturer, PedicSolutions. However, QVC had no phone number or address for PedicSolutions. Then she told me to Google the manufacturer. I did that, and there is no website for them. I am really frustrated and don't know what to do now. Does anyone know how to contact this company?

asked May 15 '14
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The manufacturer is FXI.

Webpage: FXI.com

Go to the Contact us are on the webpage for a list of addresses, including a warranty email.

FXI Rose Tree Corporate Center II 1400 North Providence Road Suite 2000 Media, PA 19063-2076

answered Aug 25 '14
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Thanks for the tip!

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Hello -- Sadly, in spite of maintaining a database of information about nearly 400 mattress manufacturers and over 8000 mattress retailers, we have never found any contact information for this company either.

But what is most mind boggling of all is that QVC -- the only company that actually sells Pedic Solutions' products -- could not (or would not) provide you with any contact information for them either. That is quite simply inexcusable.

We get a large number of people on our site to research Pedic Solutions every time they are featured on QVC. We will make sure to leave this question up on our site until someone from Pedic Solutions comes on to GoodBed to claim their profile and provide the company's contact info, so that other mattress shoppers can have a clear sense of the kind of service and support they should expect if they buy a mattress from QVC / Pedic Solutions.

answered May 21 '14
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The problem is fxi doesn't make all their mattresses. My old pedicsolutions was made by them. My newer deluxe gel memory foam one wasn't. It was a minute obscure memory foam manufacturer who couldn't even give me much information on their mattresses they make for pedicsolutions. It took a lot of work to sort of figure out what foam I was dealing with. Decent stuff but now it's collapsing in spots. I ass very happy with the first one as far as durability. This one not so much. Reason is it wasn't made by fxi. You have to check the tags on the mattresses to find out who made it. That's how I did. As mad as I am, I'm looking into their Makani model now because you can clearly tell it's made by fxi. And it's one of fxi top of the line gels. It's acutely a good deal. You have to go by the tags. If not info there, you have to match the pictures up. Which is what I actually ended up doing in the one I was disappointed with also. It perfectly matched the picture and specs for another mattress on amazon and turned out if was the same one. $100 bucks less but the QVC one actually had a little more gel from so it was a better model. Just not a durable one. But it was definitely the one. I know for a fact now. And I matched up the makani without even having it by similar methods and history. They've used fxi alot in the past and the covers are identical as far s how fxi developers and patterns them. It's ridiculous that you have to go through this but if your a good researcher with alot of patience you can figure it out. They basically will take an fxi model for instance and have them change something small and call it a pedicsolutions. Like a cover change on design patten. Or the depth of foam. Although these ones match up on depth and exact types and layers of foam and it's actually a deal. I had to do this to make sure it's quality because their are no reviews yet for r the makani. Everyone buys the one I have which is a little cheaper and actually has a great top layer. But isn't durable. You want one made by fxi.

answered Jan 07 '16
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BTW for instance. The pedicsolutions I'm not happy with is the same exact one on amazon called the cradlesoft 12 inch gel memory foam mattress. Look for yourself. You'll see it matches their pedicsolutions deluxe gel memory foam mattresses exactly. T one with the cool wick cover. It's 4lb green swirl memory foam gel top. A transition layer and vase layer which I couldn't get exact numbers out of this tiny company. So it gives you an idea of specs. Except te pedicsolutions has a 2 inch top of gel instead of what the cradlesoft has, which is one. A little change to call it a pedicsolutions. A good one at that but it still has bad durability. This is made by the a different small company than fxi. Can't remember the name. I'd have to check tag and if that's not how I found out I'd have to check my past research. Point is that pedicsolutions isn't a brand and sometimes it's not fxi which explains the problems. And pedicsolutions can't even tell you anything. QVC can't. And half the time the manufacturers can't. It's crazy. So it's a crap shoot bug I've figured them out with my methods so I now know what I'm buying. However good luck getting any customer service.

answered Jan 07 '16
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I bought the 14" preconditions pedisolutions mattress from QVC two years ago. Called and got a copy of my receipt then found the manufacturer website and emailed them. They were very responsive and sent us a, replacement immediately, stating we"likely got a mattress with a bad batch of foam." New mattress arrived Friday, we put it on our box spring and so far only the ends have expanded, the middle is still flat....over 48 hours later. I'm livid!

answered Mar 04
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