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Hello, I am considering purchasing a PedicSolutions mattress topper. I know there is foam inside. Will there be an odor when I receive it? I am concerned about the out-gassing (off-gassing) of the foam. Egg carton toppers sometimes have a strong out-gassing odor.

asked Jan 27 '14
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Don't know that anyone specifically answered you it appears, but I can tell you that all materials off-gas, even 100% pure, natural latex. The issue is the potential toxicity of that off-gassing. Most foams are made with blowing agents and elements that chemically react with the petroleum-based mixture, resulting in a residual smell. The smell is microscopic particles of the chemicals leaching into the air you breathe. Most foams off-gas, meaning most have some scent, and likely this one would as well. As for what chemical mixture they use, that is not something I am privy to but you may want to focus on.

answered Feb 01 '14
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