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Is there any off-gassing with Dormeo Octaspring mattresses?

asked Aug 30 '13
Anonymous928's gravatar image

In general, memory foam is comprised of 61 chemicals. Some of those chemicals are toxic. They off gas.

The cylindrical design of the coil, however, has merit.

answered Sep 01 '13
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Peter Cancelli ♦
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Off-gases occur in different intensities because of different quality ingredients and speed of manufacturing. These gases are more prevalent when the memory foam is rolled and vacuum packed for shipments as many brands do.

The memory foam component in Octaspring has a very light smell only immediately after it is poured but then is "dried" for a period of time after manufacturing for these to dissipate. They are never rolled.

Consumers will have no trace of these off gasses or smell on Octaspring mattresses.

answered Sep 02 '13
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Robert Logie ♦
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Everything off-gasses. A dozen roses with their lovely scent, is off-gassing. Pure, synthetic free latex off-gasses. What you want is non-toxic off-gassing. Anyone who claims their product doesn't off-gas will likely find themselves the subject of FTC scrutiny. There are many companies out there who subject their products to Oeko Tex testing, Greenguard, etc. But be vigilant there as well because you can have testing on the individual components but then use toxic glues and other elements that do emit toxic VOC's

answered Nov 09 '13
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Joe Alexander ♦
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Latex does not off-gas. It has the aroma of rubber and vanilla...which airs out quickly. Off-gassing toxic fumes is something that is unique to memory foam....and also to poly foam that isn't properly cured when being made.

(Nov 11 '13) Peter Cancelli ♦ Peter Cancelli's gravatar image

My understanding re: Octaspring is that they practice "eco-friendly" manufacturing processes (ie, in the plant) I don't see that there is plant-based material or any Oeko-Tex or Certipur testing. Off-gas is more than just the initial smell. If there are toxins in mattresses, they offgas for as long as you own it. It is also known that as these foams deteriorate, the offgas is more toxic. If you can seek out products with more natural ingredients and identifiable flame retardant (that is non-toxic), you'll avoid a lot of toxicity in your bed.

answered Nov 09 '13
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Karen Woods ♦
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Everything "made new" has a smell to it. But, I would rather smell a million dollar race horse than a chemical plant any day!

answered Nov 09 '13
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Joyce Walker... ♦
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Ours stinks so bad we have to open the windows all day. Going back to retailer to get them to come and replace or exchange for different make as the smell is so bad. 2 weeks old now. Seems to be getting stronger.

answered Feb 25 '16
Phil C's gravatar image
Phil C
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Our new mattress sticks too. We have had it since January 2, 2017 and have been back to Sleep Country about it. They suggest letting our grandson jump on it to release some of the gases and to get on our knees and move around on the mattress. We will give it until the end of Jan. If it still smells, we will look at another mattress. It is comfortable but our pillows, comforter and mattress pad all smell like the mattress now. I take all the bedding off every day and let it breath. I don't use the new rubber backed mattress pad we purchased at the same time as the mattress since I thought it can't breath well with it on. I am trying to do everything I can but so far, there still is a smell. To me it smells musty but I know it is the smell from the gasses in the mattress.

answered Jan 13 '17
T.'s gravatar image
T. from Toronto, ON
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Thanks for sharing your experience T! Very helpful.

(Jan 13 '17) GoodBed Help ♦♦ GoodBed Help's gravatar image

Same comments and experience as previous T from Toronto. We received our Dormeo Octaspring from Sleep Country on January 15, 2017 and we are airing it out during the day as well. My overriding question is "are there any toxic chemicals in the foam that are dangerous to health? Is there any third party testing that can answer that question? R from Calgary, AB

answered Jan 17 '17
R's gravatar image
R from Turner Valley, AB
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