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I purchased a mattress and box spring for an antique bed in the early 90's. It had to be specially sized because the bed frame was smaller than an average full size bed. The tag is still on it and it has been in my spare bedroom for the better part of the last 20 yrs. Info on the tag: Southerlands "Misty Night Richard" Size: 48 x 74" P/B Item: 0004/6B (something): 093482 Polyeurothene Foam. I remember very little about ordering it. i would like to know what the cost was and if you still make the mattress set or something similar. My name at that time was, Michele P. Etris, and my address was on Montana Avenue in Cincinnati, Ohio. I realize this was a long time ago and you may not keep records from that time period, but if you have any info about this bed, please contact me. I am interested in being a returning customer. Thank you!

asked Jan 03 '15
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Michele P from Cincinnati, OH
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Michelle, at Mattress Matters in nearby Cranberry Township we offer a wide selection of Southerland Mattresses. I am able to get you the special size your require also. Mattresses have changed significantly since the early 90's. If you would like to stop into the store I would be privileged to help you find the mattress that best fits your needs. We have the largest selection of mattresses in the area. I am not sure what you would have paid for it back then...

If you would like to call first, our store phone number is 724-591-9063.

Thank you,

Tony Amato
Managing Partner, Mattress Matters
8001 Rowan Road, Cranberry Township, PA

answered Jan 06 '15
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Tony Amato ♦
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Dear Tony,

Thank you for your quick response. I currently live in Cincinnati, Ohio. Though my parents are from Philly, I don't think I'll be making a trip to PA anytime soon. You did answer my question about ordering a special size if needed. I have no idea what I paid then and wanted a "ballpark" figure for comparison. I will call you when I'm ready to purchase a new mattress because I was and am impressed by the high quality of products and services your company provides.

Sincerely, Michele P. Johnson, MFA, MAAE

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