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What mattress is good for people with lower back and neck problems? Is the Serta Perfect Sleeper Westell mattress a good choice?

asked Apr 12 '14
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Unfortunately, there is no way to answer this question generically, since it will depend on factors like your size, sleep position, and body shape. The key for your back and neck is to make sure that your spine is in proper alignment while you sleep.

For your neck, this will also entail finding a pillow that is matched to how your body rests on this particular bed. For example, if your body sinks in a lot on this bed, you'll need a thinner pillow to ensure that your head isn't propped up at an angle.

Given your acute problems, I would suggest bringing a friend or spouse to the store with you and having him or her look very closely at your spinal alignment while you are on each mattress, since this can be very difficult to assess yourself. You should also try to make a point of working with the most knowledgeable and trustworthy salesperson you can find.

You can use our mattress store locator to search for the best stores in your area.

answered Apr 17 '14
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The admin is right. Each mattress would be good for back and/or neck support depending on your sleep position. You can start with the Plush Firm or Plush comfort level for starters. For lumbar support, people will go firmer and that might be the direction you want to go. But in case you sleep on your side at night, the really firm beds will not be as comfortable. The Plush comfort level could be a viable option for side sleeping with better lumbar/neck support.

answered Apr 18 '14
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