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Can you use a Serta Perfect Sleeper Astoria Firm mattress on an adjustable bed base (queen size)?

asked Jul 18 '13
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I would find out if it is a foam encased, pocketed coil mattress or not. The foam encasement is flexible and can work with adjustable bases. If it is a continuous coil system, where there is a steel border rod around the edge of the mattress, it will not work. Call your retailer and ask them they should most certainly know.

Good luck.


answered Jul 21 '13
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Probably not. Ask the retailer you are considering purchasing from. Spring mattresses, unless they are specifically designed for an adjustable base, will be damaged by such a base. This is a spring mattress. I did a search, and no place did I see the suggestion of an adjustable, which would lead me to believe it is not designed for that use.

If you desire an adjustable base, then state that to the representative you are dealing with. They will be able to point you in the right direction. Most spring mattresses are not designed that way, however. Other technologies like foam and air chambers are generally capable of accepting an adjustable base.

If this is an already purchased mattress, call the store you bought it from and ask, or send Serta an email or call their customer service to be sure.

Hope this helps...

Sleep Well!

answered Jul 19 '13
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