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Last night was my first night sleeping on this Kyle Serta mattress and my lower back was hurting. I just want to make sure this is a medium mattress, not firm?

asked Mar 12 '14
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Thanks for your question. First and foremost, one night is too soon to know whether the pain you experienced will continue. Even if the pain you had last night was indeed related to the mattress (and not some completely unrelated cause), it could be that your body simply needs some time to adjust to a new and different sleep surface. Oftentimes this adjustment can take upwards of a few weeks, which is why many retailers don't allow comfort exchanges before you've slept on it for at least that long.

Now, in terms of your question, according to our records, this mattress does have a medium amount of softness in terms of its comfort. That said, lower back pain is typically related to improper support, not comfort level.

If your back pain continues for several weeks, it is possible that the model you chose is not a good match for your body in terms of keeping your spine in proper alignment while you sleep. This matching is primarily a function of your weight, body shape, and predominant sleep position(s). For example, if you are heavier than average or frequently sleep on your stomach, it could be that this model is not firm enough for you. If you are very light but curvy and often sleep on your side, it could be that this model is too firm for you.

Assuming you bought from a retailer that has some kind of return policy, we'd suggest you review the policy to see how many days you have to try the bed, and then give your body some more time to hopefully adjust to it before making any decisions.

answered Mar 12 '14
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