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I wake every morning with an incredible back ache. It's time for a new mattress.

I currently have a TempurPedic mattress and box spring. Do I have to replace my current box spring to accommodate one of your Saatva mattresses?

Do you feel that your Saatva Luxury Firm mattress will give me enough back support? I tend to sleep on my side and my stomach.

Will this mattress fit my current queen-size bed?

asked Feb 26 '14
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Depending on how much more support you need, it may or may not be enough. A TempurPedic foundation in not an active foundation, if it has properly supported, its probably fine. There looks to be adequate padding on that model to give you contouring support. For someone who needs more support, I think an innerspring mattress is a better choice. How much more support you need, only you can answer. You should take your time and try them. Transitioning from an all foam buildup to an innerspring, even a softer, more contouring pocketed coil can be a challenge to some.

answered Feb 27 '14
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Martha Worley ♦
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Hi! Thank you for your inquiry about our Saatva mattress. Please know that as long as your TempurPedic foundation is structurally sound, you will not need to buy our foundation as the Saatva mattress will fit and perform perfectly well. Although you might be told differently by other mattress sources, we advise you to save your money and just buy the mattress, again, if the foundation is sound and less than 7 years old. Changing from a memory foam mattress to an innerspring mattress can be challenging as the feel is very different. Our Saatva Flagship Luxury Firm is great for side sleepers and for stomach sleepers as it will give excellent balanced support as it contours to your body with cradling comfort. We ask that you read the abundant reviews of Saatva on GoodBed and other sites. Please feel so comfortable in calling us directly for a no pressure very friendly conversation to guide you to your next mattress source whether or not it is Saatva. Thanks!

Ed Brians

Saatva Mattress


answered Feb 27 '14
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Kristel E. ♦
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Tempurpedic to a Saatva. Your body may rebel! Particularly if you sleep some on your side. Your Tempurpedic certainly sounds like it needs replacing, but going from all foam to metal coils you may not like the pressure on your body. I would recommend another foam bed, not Tempurpedic. Also, try some beds you can actually lay on. That is my two cents. Good luck.

answered Feb 26 '14
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Joe Alexander ♦
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