I am looking at Saatva mattresses and have two questions:

1) I have Arthritis and severe Fibromyalgia. Do you have any customers that bought your bed because of those medical issues? And if you do which model do you recommend?

2) We live in an RV. The bedroom slides in and out so the mattress must slide under a clothes closet. The max height seems to be 13 3/4 inches. Will the top layer of foam be able to 'scrunch up' (for lack of a better term) enough to slide under the closet?

Thank you.

asked May 22 '14
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I actually get that question quite a bit through my site. I generally suggest the "Plush Soft" because you'll still get the same level of support as you would the Luxury Firm, but that extra padding on the top will help ease some of the discomfort of fibro (but not eliminate it, of course.)

The mattress comes in either a 14 1/2 inch thickness or an 11 1/2 inch. If you only have 13 3/4" to work with, I would go with the slim 11 1/2" version so that you'll be able to fit it under the closet. Functionally it's exactly the same.

answered May 29 '14
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