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We are looking for a new mattress due to the fact that we now have a bed that runs extremely hot. Do Saatva mattresses run hot? When we sleep in a hotel we never have the hot problem. I look forward to your response.

asked Jan 04 '14
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Sherry M from Galt, CA
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My guess that the answer would be no, but like Joe, I would ask about your bedding. According to their web site, their cover is cotton, which should sleep cooler than synthetic materials. But, what will you put over the mattress? As an example, there is a popular mattress protector that keeps water out and lets air pass. The problem is that this protector will lessen the air movement, making the mattress warmer. Second, sheets can affect temperature. A sheet that is polyester, or part polyester, will be no-iron, but will also sleep warmer. Lastly the blanket or comforter and cause moist heat from escaping, which is not too bad as I type with the outdoor temperatures in negative territory, but not productive in more normal times. Wool, surprisingly, is a great sleep surface, as is cotton, tencil or bamboo.

Hope that helps! Sleep Well!

answered Jan 06 '14
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Tom Heller ♦
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Sherry, what kind of mattress do you have now? The fact you don't sleep hot in hotels is compelling. What kind of comforter do you use?

answered Jan 06 '14
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Joe Alexander ♦
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