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I currently sleep on a Sealy Signature Ultra Plush mattress that was very comfortable up until a couple of weeks ago, it now feels like I'm sleeping in a hammock with pressure points. Will the Saavta ultra plush have the same feel that my Sealy did when it was new? I start out on my back so I like push-up support and I sleep on my side. I weigh 180 lbs and my husband is 213 lbs so our weight caused premature crushing of the mattress which I am disappointed in because it used to be the best mattress we have ever slept in. Thank you for any advice. Jackie

asked Apr 02 '15
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Hi Jackie,

Thank you for the inquiry.

The Saatva Plush Soft will indeed have a level of cushioning that is consistent with the initial feeling of the Sealy Ultra Plush. Regardless of comfort level, Saatva does not operate on the extreme. Rating 1-10 with 1 being extremely soft the "Plush Soft" will be a 3. You will absolutely feel a cloud like cushioning while still feeling ample support as you settle.

Based on the fact that you sleep on your side as well it may be the case that our Flagship Luxury Firm would be a consideration for you as well.

The issue you are dealing with is often associated with a standard pillow top in which the foam layer is a sewn on additional piece that has the tendency to sag and lose shape over time. At Saatva, we use a euro pillow top, in a euro pillow top design these materials are inserted under the outer cover of the mattress to create a cleaner/neater look instead of it being stitched to the top of the mattress. Because of this advanced design, a euro pillow top should retain its shape for longer then a standard pillow top.

We would strongly suggest giving us a call at 877-672-2882 to discuss the options we offer and allow one of our friendly reps to guide you through the best possible options for your sleep needs.

Thank you again and have a great day.

The Saatva Team

answered Apr 06 '15
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Hi Jackie -- It's hard to answer that with 100% certainty, however the Saatva Ultra Plush will most likely have a very similar softness level to what you were sleeping on previously. Mattresses with a softer feel tend to be a good match for side sleepers.

With regards to your current mattress, it's clear that the soft foam padding layers near the top of the mattress have broken down, which is why you are no longer getting proper pressure relief from the mattress. Since padding layers break down most underneath the heaviest parts of your body, your torso, this is also what is creating the hammock sensation. This loss of comfort and support is a clear sign that this mattress is worn out and should be replaced.

I hope that helps.

answered Apr 02 '15
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