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I just bought a Beautyrest Recharge pillow top mattress from a mattress chain here in New Jersey. In the store there was a label on it that said AirCool but the one they delivered does not have that label on it. Did I get scammed?

asked Jan 18 '14
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Mark J from Toms River, NJ
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Dear Mark, I think the AirCool rubber logo sign is "Cool" but when a consumer receives their mattress made for them by Beautyrest it will not have that "Aircool" rubber label on. At Get-A-Mattress we have sold many of the BeautyRest Recharge mattresses and our customers do love them! None of the mattresses have ever come in to us with the decorative labels. They are used on the floor samples only! You made a great choice but sorry no "Cool" label included!

answered Jan 22 '14
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Jimi Breazeale ♦
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Dear Mark,

The "AirCool" label is only on the floor models. Your mattress delivered to you without the "AirCool" label is not a scam... it is the correct, non-floor model mattress that you want!!

I know many of our customers have purchased the AirCool mattresses and LOVE them. Enjoy!

Ursula James ~ Owner, Beautyrest Sleep Gallery, Springfield/Branson/Columbia, MO

answered Jan 23 '14
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Ursula James ♦
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