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We're transitioning our daughter to a full size bed and looking for a new mattress. Good support that will last into her teen years but on a budget as well. Recommendations?

asked Nov 24 '13
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Well, since you asked for a recommendation, I think you are going to get lots of great opinions and options!

For me, what I have my kids sleep on, is an all natural mattress. Children are in the developing stages of their lives and their smaller bodies are more susceptible to chemical off-gassing and the chemicals used in some major brands to suppress fire.

I have a bed in our store, and online, called the Sparrow, which is made with organic cotton and organic wool and latex, which is one of the least expensive natural mattresses on the market. It comes rolled and compressed, so you can get it in a small FedEx box to your doorstep. It is available with all natural USA manufactured latex, Oeko Tex Certified 100, Level 1, Baby Product safe.

Hope this helps, good luck in your search.

answered Nov 25 '13
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Joe Alexander ♦
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Naturepedic makes a line of certified organic mattresses just for kids. They are firm (as recommended by pediatricians for children). They are available with both sides quilted or one side waterproofed (use the waterproof side until the child is potty-trained and then you can flip it to the quilted side). They are free of wool and latex (potential allergens for children).

answered Nov 25 '13
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Barry Cik ♦
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Many wool sensitivities arise from the use of harsh chemical processing agents that whiten, clean, remove oils and add color to the wool that is most often available as clothing, rugs and blankets. Organic wool is not chemically washed or treated. Many who previously believed that they were allergic to wool have found that organic wool products do not irritate them at all. Doctors will tell you that a true wool allergy is very rare.

(Nov 27 '13) Joe Alexander ♦ Joe Alexander's gravatar image

Many children are allergic to cats, dogs, and hair, etc. The reasons for the allergies are not entirely clear, so it's best to play it safe for children's products. Naturepedic does not use wool (or latex) in its baby and children's products. (In addition to the allergy issues, many organic customers are also vegan, and appreciate wool-free products.) Regarding the comment that organic wool is not chemically washed or treated, that's not the case. If, in fact, the organic wool is not thoroughly cleaned, then you'll end up with dirt, grease and dried sweat in the wool and in your product.

(Nov 27 '13) Barry Cik ♦ Barry Cik's gravatar image

Firm, contouring support is best for growing bones and muscles. The starting model in the Simmons Beautyrest line is the one we recommend most frequently for that purpose, and because it's reasonably priced.

answered Nov 25 '13
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