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I have osteoporosis. Do I need a softer mattress? Are innerspring mattresses okay for me? What type of foam should I look for?

asked Oct 20 '13
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Hi there,

I think you find a variety of similar answers. Our customers with osteoporosis typically purchased our Deluxe version 5.3lb memory foam mattress witch has 4" of memory foam over a medium or soft density of support foam usually 6" thick. Most commonly purchased is the medium feeling base. They cited better pressure relief and support as the main reason for their choice. You can see this product here.

The density of the memory foam doesn't affect the firmness of the foam. Foam firmness is another quality called "ild". Both the density and its firmness are separately controlled qualities.

We've found, with over 20 years of experience selling memory foam that the lower density memory foams just tend to lose their resistance after a short period of time and the 5.3lb is the only one which didn't suffer this failure.

answered Oct 20 '13
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Michael Gorham ♦
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I agree about the coils. I don't recommend memory foam because the polyurethane foam contain chemicals in it that may compromise your already weakened immune system. A organic latex mattress with a organic wool fleece would give you support and comfort you need. Many people with health issues also benefit greatly with an adjustable bed.

answered Oct 21 '13
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An all latex mattress is what I would recommend for that provided firm, but contouring support and also has a softer surface feel for the pressure relief. It's important that whatever mattress you buy remains the same without changing over the years. This is why latex and not memory foam.

answered Oct 21 '13
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Hi, I am sorry you are struggling with such a debilitating health issue.

I deal with many customers who have similar issues, such as spinal injuries and other ailments which are sensitive to pressure.

What you DON'T want is any type of mattress with metal coils. Metal coils, or springs, do just what the are designed to do, push back. If you weigh 140lbs, you have that much pressure coming right back at you. That is only going to exacerbate your issues.

What you want is an all foam mattress. Ideally, something in the 3 to 4lb foam range, not too dense. The denser, the more material per sq inch, and that would mean more resistance. You want a perfect balance of density and still get support. An ideal configuration I find is 3" of soft memory foam over a firm supportive foam, and 2" quilted top cover of soft material. This provides pressure relief and support. Check out BedInABox. We have very good experience with them. They are one of the few using the less dense, more breathable foams.

Zoned latex would be another better alternative to coils, as the zones provide less resistance in the hipt and shoulder area. Latex is made from rubber, and rubber deflects energy more than memory foam but less than coils.

answered Oct 20 '13
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Joe Alexander ♦
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Depending on your size, go as conforming as you can in as dense a foam as you find comfortable. My tiny mother has severe osteoporosis in her spine. We found she did need something plush (soft) and also recommended an all foam mattress. What made the most difference for her was the wool topper she added to her latex mattress. She found the appropriate level of comfort needed. I encourage you to try some of the great latex mattresses on the market. Spend some time in the showroom to test for pressure points, and be sure you're not "hammocking" on a mattress that is TOO soft. I think a coil mattress may be ok for you as well...just go with a lighter gauge (up to 16) for less resistance and a pocketed coil for conformability Do try at least 3 different levels of comfort to find the right one for you, and make sure there's plenty of high quality foam to insulate you from the hard dense base foam or coils. Best to you...stay healthy and take care

answered Oct 22 '13
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