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I purchased a Carolina Mattress Guild mattress in 2005. It was a king-size mattress and sold for around $1300. It had memory foam in it, and the model name may have started with the letter "R" (?). I am interested in purchasing a similar feel in a queen size. Any suggestions?

asked Oct 13 '13
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Sandi M from Sunset Beach, NC
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The model name is Sensations Viscose. I purchased it from Bed Land in Shallotte, NC. I do not have it in my possession. Did it have coils or was it totally foam? Is it a hybrid mattress?

answered Oct 15 '13
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Sandi M from Sunset Beach, NC
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Hi Sandi! I just shot you an email :) If you don't get it within the next few hours, check your spam folder or feel free to give me another call.

(Oct 15 '13) Hilary Pope ♦ Hilary Pope's gravatar image

Hi there!

I would love to help you find a similar product, but I'll need just a little bit more information. If you still have the mattress, you can check the law tag for the model name, which would help quite a bit in determining what made up the inside of the bed!

If you don't still have the mattress or the lawtag-- what did it look like (color/fabric/foundation)? Do you remember if it was in a specific collection? Where did you purchase from? Any other ideas of what might have been inside aside from memory foam?

answered Oct 14 '13
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Hilary Pope ♦
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