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I recently purchased a Radiant Pillowtop and it feels much firmer than the one in the showroom. I have Fibromyalgia & was reassured that this mattress was soft, but it feels like a brick. I was told there is a break in period as well. I have never heard of this before & neither did other mattress stores. Why is this mattress different & feels so hard? I went into the showroom a couple of days later & was told to give it some time. How much time is it supposed to take to break in? What happens if it stays too firm & doesn't soften up?

Also, the boxspring is damaged & needs to be replaced but since this model is discontinued, Sleepy's is offering to give me a King Koil boxspring to replace it. Why is it discontinued?

asked Dec 19 '13
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At our company, we insist that you sleep on your new mattress every night for a minimum of 14 nights. By this time you should have an idea whether the firmness is right for you. If after this time period its still uncomfortable, contact your store and inquire about a comfort exchange. Good luck. NN

answered Dec 19 '13
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A new mattress is going to feel a little firm when it is new. Just think of it like a pair of shoes, you have to break it in. This is normal for some mattresses. If it doesn't soften up to your liking, do you have a comfort guarantee? As far as discontinued mattresses, that is normal. Manufacturers will be coming out with new models every few years. By the way, it may take about 3 to 4 weeks to break in.

answered Dec 19 '13
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Hi there!

You'll find that showroom sample mattresses are often softer than brand new mattresses because people sit on them, roll around on them, play on them, all-day-every-day! When a mattress is first delivered to your home, it is likely that no one has ever even sat on it before. We liken it to breaking in a new hat-- it's a little stiff at first, but the more you wear it, the more it learns to conform to your body.

Assuming you're less than 21 days in from delivery, here is the information on Sleepy's comfort warranty, which could be of use to you:

As for the foundation question -- the original Radiant models have been discontinued to make way for the second generation of the product (the "Radiant AirGel") which is rolling out in stores (and online) this month and next month.

If I were you, I would be hesitant to accept the King Koil box-spring. Our warranty does state that you need to use a Carolina Mattress Guild foundation or a platform bed in order to qualify for warranty claims on your mattress. Perhaps you could ask your particular store when they will be flooring the new Radiant AirGel models and request that one of those foundations act as your replacement instead?

I hope that helps!

answered Dec 19 '13
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Dec 19 '13

The actual question might be "how long does it take a pillow top mattress to break down?" The fibers should loosen up fairly quickly, but as they loosen the overall comfort is likely to disappear because of body impressions. With fibromyalgia I always recommend a wool topper. You can get several years of use from it, and it has properties that really help alleviate pressure points that so adversely affect fibromyalgia sufferers. Hope you're more comfortable already!

answered Dec 21 '13
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I agree with my colleagues, all new mattresses feel a little firmer when first delivered. We ask all of our customers to try their bed for at least 30 days. You won't believe what a difference this makes. If it still feels too firm after this break in time, take advantage of your comfort exchange, as long as you have one. If not, a 2" - 3" latex topper, Fast Response from LatexBLISS will make your bed feel heavenly! Latex is supportive yet luxurious, natural , breathable - I just can't say enough good things about it!


answered Jan 08 '14
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A new mattress will almost always feel firmer than the floor sample...the degree of difference depending on the age of the floor sample. Go back to the store and take a look at the white "do not remove" label that is sewn into one of the back seams of the mattress. It will show the date of manufacture. You will then have an idea of how long it will take to feel like that. Keep in mind that this is a pressure sensitive issue. The lighter in body weight you are, the longer it will take. Floor samples get some heavy use.

Consider adding a layer of soft Talalay latex for the comfort you want.

answered Dec 19 '13
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I just bought A pillow top (Euro-top) mattress. I spent hours looking and laying on mattresses for more than just one or two days. I took this purchase very seriously. I found what I was looking for and made note, then kept looking, always going back to the one that I felt the best laying on. I then purchased the mattress of my dreams. I have had it for one day shy of a week and It is nothing like the one in the show room. I went back last night and talked with the salesman and again laid on the bed. Heaven... Not so much at home. Of course he said to give it time. I will do that but, I demanded that I be able to get my second choice mattress for the sale price if and when I have to trade. I got it in writing! Until then I am jumping , walking, and rolling on this mattress like a little kid. If it's gonna break me down, I'm gonna break it down. I will let you know what happens.

answered Jul 14 '14
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Lee B from Santa Rosa, CA
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Hi Lee, has there been any update on your mattress 'break-down' experiment?

(Sep 02 '14) GoodBed Help ♦♦ GoodBed Help's gravatar image
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