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I just purchased a king-size adjustable base with 2 twin-XL Embrace mattress set. Can't find anything on it. Please help.

The bed and mattress is from Carolina Mattress Guild purchased from Rooms to Go. Will receive mattress and base on May 12th. Would like to know about specs and quality of product before I accept product.

Thank you, Ron

asked Apr 26 '12
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Ron C from Lake Worth, FL
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Jan 21 '13

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In the future, I would respectfully suggest you do your research before purchasing. To have the company go to the expense of processing your order and encumbering shipping costs just to have the item refused at delivery is a less-than-thoughtful way to do business. Jim at ECO Sleep Solutions.

(Apr 27 '12) Jim Byrd ♦ Jim Byrd's gravatar image
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Hi Ron,

I'm sure you've already received your mattress, but I thought I would go ahead and give you a little information, just in case there is anyone else out there that has the same question as you!

The Embrace contains:

Knitted bamboo ticking, silk, and wool fiber naturally regulates your body's temperature allowing faster and deeper sleep cycles

Visco-elastic soy memory foam, or NASA foam, is heat sensitive and reacts to your body's unique profile - providing pressure relief where it's needed most, and support along the rest of your body's sleep posture. The result is a very luxurious, and cradling sensation that results in falling asleep faster, and once asleep - staying asleep deeper and longer.

Thick soy foam core layers provide support beneath the memory foam layer. The soy foam support layers minimize motion transfer between sleepers, so that the person on the left side doesn't feel the person on the right side roll, turn, or leave the bed.

9.0" Coordinated Stability Foundation

Hope that helps!

answered Aug 09 '12
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