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What is "zero gravity foam" in mattresses, and will it last?

asked Oct 02 '13
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Let me give you an answer that doesn't read like an ad for a mattress brand.

Zero Gravity Foam is nothing more than a marketing term for foam that provides support without pressure, giving you the illusion of weightlessness. Which, all foams would fall into this category. Latex is the least pressure relieving foam, as rubber deflects energy, bouncing it back at you like a spring. Memory foam would be the most pressure-relieving. Latex is good as it is less toxic, but if you keep a good protective, waterproof but breathable protector on any good quality foam bed, your foam will last a long time.

If you are looking for pressure relief, just avoid coil mattresses, as steel coils put pressure on your body. You can lay on a latex bed and on a foam bed and feel the difference.

answered Oct 20 '13
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Joe Alexander ♦
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Let me address Joe's spin. Saying that latex is "LESS" toxic implies that it is toxic to a lesser degree than memory foam. Latex is not at all toxic. Memory foam is very toxic..and off-gasses its toxic chemicals. Also, memory foam is temperature sensitive. It softens as it warms from your body's heat. This repeated nightly softening results in a much shorter life span than latex. Both do a good job of pressure relief initially. Memory foam tends to quit working so well after a year or two. Latex lasts for decades.

(Oct 20 '13) Peter Cancelli ♦ Peter Cancelli's gravatar image

"Zero Gravity" is a buzzword now used in marketing adjustable bases. The only way it could logically apply to foam is , that to a certain extent, you can get relief from pressure points with various products (ie memory foam or latex) It is more logically applied to the settings used on an adjustable or movable base that actually articulates head and or feet to a level where you feel very little or no pressure. This can be a very confusing industry, so thanks for the question!

answered Oct 23 '13
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Karen Woods ♦
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Zero Gravity is a term used by pure LatexBLISS to describe total muscular relaxation. A state that allows you to fall asleep easily and stay in a deeper sleep longer. Latex is the only type of foam that lasts for decades. Memory and poly foams are very short lived. There are different types and qualities of latex foam. The pure LatexBLISS Talalay Latex has been considered the best available for the past 60, or so, years. Here is a link to their line: Pure LatexBliss

answered Oct 02 '13
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Peter Cancelli ♦
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