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Is there a difference between gel-infused and a gel layer? Or are all 'gel beds' infused?

asked Aug 14 '13
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The first memory foam Gelled mattresses just had the Gel added and did not have even cooling that was intended. The Newer Swirled Infused Gel used in the better mattresses gives a complete even cooling effect that consumers expect. The true Gel Swirled Infused Gel mattress with -no springs- has more of the cooling memory foam. The layer of Gel padding added on top of springs will help but I feel that you will not get the full benefits you are looking to achieve. Serta I Comfort and Serta I Series are good mattresses but are more expensive due to the fact that Serta regulates the discounts retailers can give to the consumer - everyone now sells their mattresses at the same price on the same model - NOT good for you. We have a alternative at a reasonable price for a quality mattress made from a USA company that is a leader in the industry. Try this mattress with Free In Home Delivery with a 60-Day Refund Policy. Go to if you want more information.

answered Aug 15 '13
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There are a few types of gel foams but two seem to be most prevelant. It's either put into the foam as flecks or it's poured into recipe before the foam is made. Different combinations and variations have the desired effect of keeping a mattress cooler.

I have to disagree with the above answer when it comes to a gel layer sleeping hot. We sold a Simmons Comfor-Pedic Fiji which had a full gel layer on the top of the mattress and we frequently received it back because it was too effective at not absorbing heat. The customers would constantly return it because they could not sleep on an ice cube. They typically had very cool rooms due to previous heat issues while sleeping. What is that saying about too much of a good thing?

answered Aug 23 '13
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A layer of Gel would be hot and air flow would be difficult. Imagine Dr. Scholl's gel inserts. Serta makes the best memory foam gel infused beds. Try iComfort or iSeries by Serta.

answered Aug 14 '13
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