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Plank Mattress Review

Last updated on July 10, 2019

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The Plank mattress is aimed at people who want the firmest possible mattress. Just how firm is it?

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Note: Brooklyn Bedding was early to the online-mattress game, and now has a variety of models in its lineup. This review covers the Plank, an extra firm all-foam mattress. We have also reviewed the Brooklyn Signature mattress, a hybrid bed made with foam over pocketed coils. Also see our review of the Brooklyn Aurora mattress, a more expensive hybrid bed made of foam and memory foam over pocketed coils, and with several specific features to keep you cool.

If you’d prefer to watch rather than read, check out our full Plank mattress video review.

Table of Contents

Nobody does more in-depth mattress reviews than GoodBed — which means there's a lot of information here! Use the links in this table of contents to quickly jump to the sections of this review that interest you most.

Summary Overview of GoodBed's findings and conclusions about this product
Materials & Construction Mattress Type, Layers, Cover
Comfort & Feel Ratings Softness, Cushioning Depth, Memory Feel, Bounce
Back Support + Pressure Relief Ratings By sleeper weight and sleep position
Feature Ratings Motion Isolation, Temperature, Edge Support, Ease of Repositioning, Natural vs Chemicals, Adjustable Base Compatibility
Price, Value & Longevity Cost, Discounts, Durability, Overall Value
Other Factors to Consider Delivery, Returns, Warranty
Bottom Line Who is the best/worst match for this mattress?

Summary: Is the Plank a Good Mattress?

The Plank is exactly what the name suggests: a mattress aimed at those who prefer a super-firm bed. And overall, it is the firmest mattress we have tested to date. We believe the introduction of the Plank is part of a trend we identified some time ago: mattresses aimed as sub-sets of shoppers.

The Plank is an all-foam mattress. Most extra firm beds we've seen are traditional innerspring or hybrid innerspring beds, but the Plank's all-foam construction means it compresses and rolls up into a box that arrives to your door via common carrier.

This bed also has two sides--a nice option for those who want a very firm mattress but maybe are not quite sure just how firm. Plank calls one side "Ultra Firm" and the other simply "Firm". We did notice a difference between the two. On our softness classification scale, we would call the Ultra Firm side an "extra firm" and the other side a "firm." The effect of sleeping on the ultra firm side reminded us of laying on a very plush carpet, or one of those slim camping mattresses, or even a softer futon-type mattress. All that is to say that indeed, this is an exceptionally firm mattress.

As you might expect when choosing an extremely firm mattress, you may make some compromises in spinal alignment. Our tester felt well supported when sleeping on his back and stomach, on both sides of the bed. But side sleeping from both a spinal alignment and pressure relief standpoint was more challenging -- no surprise given the firmness of the bed. But if you are a back or stomach sleeper that knows you prefer very firm support, then the Plank may be worth consideration.

Pluses in our testing include very good edge support (especially for a foam bed), and excellent ease of movement. We found mixed results in our test for adjustable base compatibility; this is not a bed that wants to bend (it's called "Plank" after all), and the mattress did not conform very well to our base out of the box.

From a value standpoint, the Plank bed is competitive with much of the online competition, but we found this to be a unique bed, and one that's hard to find online or in stores -- a mattress that's aimed at those who really prefer a very firm bed.

You can place the Plank mattress atop the support of your choice, including a separately purchased box support (a proper support is required or you can void the warranty), a bed frame, platform bed, or adjustable bed frame. Brooklyn Bedding does sell its own box frame, metal frame, and adjustable base, but none of these are required purchases.

Read on for our detailed report, and be sure to check out the video to see this mattress in action as we put it through our tests. Note: We mainly tested the Ultra Firm side of the mattress, but do include our notes on the Firm side as well.

Bottom Line: Who is the Best Match for a Plank Mattress?

BEST if you:

  • Prefer a very firm bed
  • Are a back or stomach sleeper
  • Like the option of two firmness levels
  • Need good ease of movement and/or motion isolation

NOT IDEAL if you:

  • Are a side sleeper
  • Prefer a slow, melting into the bed feeling
  • Enjoy being ‘cradled’ by your mattress
  • Want a bed with some bounce

Comfort & Feel

These are the "preference-based characteristics" of a mattress. No classification here is better or worse – they are strictly a matter of your personal preference.

Softness Level -- Ultra Firm Side
(1=Least Soft, 9=Most Soft)
2 Extra firm
Softness Level - Firm Side
(1=Least Soft, 9=Most Soft
3  Firm
Cushioning Depth
(1=Shallowest, 9=Deepest)
2 Shallow cushioning
Response Rate
(1=Slowest, 9=Fastest)
9 Immediate recovery, no bounce


Back Support (by Sleeper Type)

No mattress will provide equally good spinal alignment (a.k.a., back support) for every sleeper. Here's what to expect in terms of spinal alignment on this mattress – by sleeper weight and sleep position.

Weight Range Back Sleepers Side Sleepers Stomach Sleepers
Lighter <150 lb 8 (Use Firm side) 4 9
Average 150 to 200 lb 9 4 9
Above Average 200 to 250 lb 10 5 9
Heavier >250 lb 10 5 9


Pressure Relief (by Sleeper Type)

The pressure relief offered by a mattress – especially important for side sleepers – will vary based on a sleeper's weight and body shape. Here's how we size up the pressure relief capabilities of this mattress.

Weight Range Typical Curves Extra Curvy
Lighter <150 lb 3 3
Average 150 to 200 lb 3 3
Above Average 200 to 250 lb 4 4
Heavier >250 lb 4 4


Other Features

These are the "priority-based characteristics" of a mattress. Ratings here indicate where this mattress has strengths or weaknesses – however the importance of these features will depend entirely on your personal priorities.

Motion Isolation 8 Very good
Stays 'Cool' 8 Very good
Edge Support 8 Very good
Ease of Repositioning 10 Exceptional
Green Features 5 Has some safety certifications
Adjustable Base Compatibility 7 Not the best conformity
Overall Value 9 Excellent

Key Facts

Mattress Type

All Foam

Price (Queen)



Free delivery to door

Return Policy

120-day trial, full refund and return shipping included


10-years. Indentation coverage: 1"+

Country of Manufacture

United States


11.5 inches (including cover)

Weight (Queen)

120 pounds

Materials & Construction

What's in a Plank Mattress?

Overall, we classify the Plank mattress from Brooklyn Bedding as an "All Foam" construction type.

The Plank mattress is an 11.5″ thick mattress comprised of 4 layers (listed below from top to bottom, based on the mattress with the Ultra Firm side up):

  • 3/4" foam quilted into cover
  • 2" TitanFlex foam, 4 lb. density
  • 7" polyurethane support form, 1.8 lb. density
  • 1 1/2" foam quilted into bottom cover

The top and bottom layers of foam are quilted right into the cover; the Ultra Firm side has less quilted foam, while the slightly softer Firm side has a thicker layer of it. The middle TitanFlex foam (Brooklyn Bedding's proprietary polyurethane foam) and the support foam are similar in firmness.



The Plank mattress is wrapped in durable-feeling non-removable cover. We call this type of cover a "tight top" since it's quite tightly stretched without much loft.


Comfort & Feel

There are three aspects that make up our assessment of comfort and feel. We call these "preference-based characteristics" because no rating here is better or worse – rather, the attributes that are most desirable to you will be determined solely by your personal preferences. We apply the same classification standards to each mattress so you can more easily compare apples to apples.

Softness what’s this )

The Plank bed has two sides; one called Ultra Firm, which on our scale we would call an Extra Firm. It's just about the firmest mattress we have tested, and the effect is a bit like laying on a very plush carpet, or one of those thin mattresses used for camping. It would also compare to a softer futon. The flip side of the bed is what the company calls Firm. We would also call it a Firm, but to the firmest side of firm, just on the border of Extra Firm.

Not sure what softness is best for you? Take our Mattress Match Quiz and find out.

Softness Level - Ultra Firm Side
(1=Least Soft, 9=Most Soft)
2 Extra Firm
Softness Level - Firm Side
(1=Least Soft, 9=Most Soft)
3 Firm


Cushioning Depth what’s this )

As one of the firmest mattress we have tested, it's unsurprising that the Plank doesn't allow you to sink much at all. Cushioning depth is what can give you a "hugged" or "cradled" sensation from a mattress versus more of a "floating on top" feeling, and the Plank is definitely the latter.

As you can see below with our bowling ball as a reference, it sinks in hardly at all.

Cushioning Depth
(1=Shallowest, 9=Deepest)
2 Shallow cushioning


Responsivenesswhat’s this )

We look at responsiveness in two ways. First, we examine how quickly a mattress springs back after being depressed, then we take a look at bounce qualities.

Since the Plank mattress does not include any memory foam, we were not surprised to find that it did not have any of that slow-responding melting quality of memory foam. Rather, it springs back into position quickly. As for bounce, we would not expect much (if any) from an all-foam mattress, and indeed this was the case. If you like a mattress with some bounce, and still want something very firm, a hybrid mattress with a coil support core might be more what you are looking for.

Response Rate
(1=Slowest, 9=Fastest)
9 Immediate recovery with no bounce


Back Support & Pressure Relief

The two things that you should always be sure to get from your mattress are spinal alignment (commonly thought of as "back support") and pressure relief. Unfortunately, no mattress will deliver these two things equally well for all sleepers. In particular, spinal alignment and pressure relief capabilities will vary across sleepers with different weights, body shapes, and sleep positions. To help you determine how this mattress will perform for you, we break down our spinal alignment and pressure relief assessments by sleeper type.

The Plank fits into a unique category, meant to appeal to those who value it's extra firm feel, and who are perhaps willing to compromise on spinal alignment to get that super-firm feel.


Spinal Alignment

The key to good back support is maintaining proper spinal alignment while you sleep. This means that the mattress should hold your spine in roughly the same position it's in when you're standing. The ability of a given mattress to do this will generally depend on your weight, sleep position, and body shape.

Here is how we break down the spinal alignment of the Plank mattress on the Ultra Firm side:

Weight Range Back Sleepers Side Sleepers Stomach Sleepers
Lighter <150 lb 8 (Use Firm side) 4 9
Average 150 to 200 lb 9 4 9
Above Average 200 to 250 lb 10 5 9
Heavier >250 lb 10 5 9


Back Sleepers:

Our 200-pound tester felt this mattress to be very supportive in this position, and even with its shallow cushioning and extra firmness, he still felt his hips sinking just enough for the mattress to support his lumbar area. We felt that people of our tester's weight, as well as those heavier, would have a similar experience. Lighter people might want to flip the mattress to the Firm side, as their hips simply might not be heavy enough to achieve any compression at all on the Ultra Firm side.

Side Sleepers:

We would not recommend the Plank bed for any side sleeper. There just isn't enough 'give' on either side of this mattress for our tester's shoulder to sink into the mattress and keep his spine in alignment.

Stomach Sleepers:

The Plank bed is excellent for stomach sleepers, as it fully supports hips in this position resulting in no hammocking or over-arching of the back. Note that you will want to use a very thin pillow, or no pillow at all, so maintain good spinal alignment while stomach sleeping.


Pressure Relief ( what's this )

When a mattress pushes back against your body with too much force in a concentrated area, the result can be pain, soreness, loss of circulation, excessive tossing, and other problems. In general, such "pressure points" are of greatest concern for side sleepers, since that's the position in which your body's weight is distributed over the smallest surface area. To find the right mattress for your needs, keep in mind that the pressure-relieving capabilities of any given mattress will vary depending on the sleeper. Factors like your weight and body shape (e.g., broader shoulders and/or hips) will determine how far you sink into the mattress, and the pressure relief offered by that mattress will vary widely at different depths.

Because this is such a firm mattress, pressure relief is not a strength, and we would not recommend it for side sleepers that have joint issues and pressure relief needs.

Weight Range Typical Curves Extra Curvy
Lighter <150 lb 3 3
Average 150 to 200 lb 3 3
Above Average 200 to 250 lb 4 4
Heavier >250 lb 4 4


The Plank bed isn't an appropriate choice for those with pressure relief needs, or in fact for side sleepers in general. It was too firm for our 200-lb. testers to sink into adequately. If you don't have acute joint issues, and only sleep on your side occasionally, the Plank might be fine for those who prefer this kind of very firm bed.
The Plank bed does have two sides, but we did not note significantly better pressure relief on the softer of the two sides (the Firm side).


Other Features

Beyond the preference-based characteristics of comfort and feel, and the body matching for spinal alignment and pressure relief, a mattress will have a number of other attributes that can make it a better or worse choice for you. We call these "priority-based characteristics" because they are areas in which a mattress can be better or worse, but that will have differing amounts of importance to each sleeper. So, determining how much importance to give to these features will be entirely a matter of your own personal priorities. As always, we apply the same ratings standards to each mattress so you can more easily compare apples to apples.


Motion Isolation what’s this )

With a bowling pin standing upright on the Plank bed, we tested motion isolation by dropping a 16-lb. bowling ball on it, as well as the whole weight of our 200-lb. tester. In both drop tests, the bowling pin wiggled but didn't fall.

We felt that the Plank bed would be a very good choice for couples who don’t want to feel their partner getting in and out of bed or repositioning.

Motion Isolation Rating 8/10 Very good


Temperature what’s this )

For most people, we do not think that the Plank mattress will feel hot, not because it has any special cooling properties, but because unlike most foam mattresses, you simply don't sink into it, leaving most of your body exposed to air.

Stays “Cool” Rating 8 /10 Very good


Edge Support what’s this )

All foam beds typically have a poor reputation for edge support -- important for those who like to sit or lay right on the edge of their mattress. However, because the Plank bed is so firm, we found that it actually had very good edge support, especially notable since it has no particular edge-support features.

When laying on the edge, our tester did feel a little tilted, but he never felt unstable or like he would roll off. We did note that the softer (Firm) side of the bed wasn't quite as good in terms of edge support.

If you find yourself being pushed to the very edge of your mattress by kids or pets, the Plank would be a good choice.

Edge Support Rating 8 /10 Very good

Ease of Repositioning what’s this )

One of the highlights of the Plank mattress, for our tester, was ease of movement, which was almost effortless. If you tend to change positions a lot, this bed performed extremely well in our view.

Repositioning Rating 10 /10 Exceptional


Green Features what’s this )

For mattress shoppers concerned with the use of natural materials, sustainable manufacturing practices or the like, we offer our subjective evaluation of any efforts taken by the company to make the mattress more green, healthy, or safe. 

In the case of the Plank mattress, the company makes no claims about the use of natural materials, however all of the foams used are certified to the CertiPUR-US standard, which verifies that a material has low VOC off-gassing as well as a lack of chemicals and other substances regulated by the CPSC.

Green Rating 5 /10   Not natural, has safety certifications


Adjustable Base Compatibility what’s this )

If you plan to use your mattress atop an adjustable base, the Plank mattress won't be damaged in any way. However, as you can see below, it didn't conform very well to our adjustable base. While we would expect a break-in period for all mattresses used on an adjustable base, other mattresses did a better job conforming when our base was fully articulated. This wasn't something we noticed while in the bed, but as soon as we got out, it popped right up. We also noticed quite a lot of bunching of the cover quilting.

Brooklyn Bedding does sell its own adjustable base (optional).

Adjustable Base Use Rating 7 /10 Not the best conformance

Price, Value & Longevity

How Much Does a Plank Mattress Cost?

Prices shown are list prices. Remember that GoodBed keeps our site current with the best available discounts on all online mattresses, many of which are exclusive discounts for our readers.

Size Dimensions Mattress Std. Foundation / Adj. Base GoodBed Discount
Twin 38" x 75" x 11.5" $699 $189 / NA Yes
Twin XL 38" x 80" x 11.5"  $749 NA / $300 Yes
Full (Double) 54" x 76" x 11.5" $799 $209 / NA Yes
Queen 60" x 80" x 11.5" $999 $225 / $400 Yes
King 76" x 80" x 11.5" $1,249 $299 / NA Yes
California King 72" x 84" x 11.5" $1,249 $299 / NA Yes


What Are You Getting?

The Plank mattress is an 11.5-inch mattress that occupies a unique niche--aimed at those who prefer an extremely firm mattress. While the materials of its construction are not groundbreaking, this level of firmness can be hard for consumers to find, especially among online brands, which tend to hover in the "medium" one-firmness-fits-all range.


How Long Will the Plank Mattress Last?

When it comes to estimating the comfort lifespan of a mattress, we tend to use foam density as our best, albeit imperfect, predictor of how long a foam will retain its shape and resiliency. Most of the foams used in the Plank bed are well established in terms of predictability. The only red flag of note is the 1.5-lb foam quilted into the cover. However, there's so little of it that even if it did lose resiliency, we doubt it would be noticeable. If we had any concern, it might be for very heavy persons over 300 pounds, who might be heavy enough that the foam breaks down more quickly over time. In that case, a firm bed with an innerspring support core might be a more durable option than an all-foam bed, regardless of brand.


Overall Value

On balance, we feel that Plank mattress is an excellent value for those shopping for a very firm bed. Price wise, it sits right in line with the competition among all-foam beds that don't offer its unique firmness level.

Value Rating 9 /10 Excellent value


Other Factors to Consider


  • Free delivery to your door

Plank's manufacturer, Brooklyn Bedding, includes free delivery to your door, which is not particularly unusual among its competitors.



  • 120-day trial period
  • Full refund, including return shipping within trial period

The company offers buyers a 120-day trial period, and requires that buyers try the mattress at least 30 days before returning it. Returns within the trial period are free, with return shipping included. See: Brooklyn Bedding return policy



  • Warranty Length: 10 years
  • Indentation Coverage: 1” and above

One of the biggest, if not THE biggest complaints about any mattress from consumers regards body impressions—the inability of a mattress to spring back, eventually creating a low spot/sinkhole in the mattress. As such, mattress warranties all contain a term defining how big a sag or ‘body impression’ (measured when no one is on the mattress) is considered a defect, and thus covered under the warranty. The industry standard for mattresses is generally between ¾” and 1.5”. Brooklyn Bedding has chosen to cover indentations that meet or exceed 1” for the Plank mattress. Practically speaking, that means any softening or sagging would need to be at least that deep before the warranty would offer you protection. See: Brooklyn Bedding Plank warranty policy.

Bottom Line: Is the Plank Mattress Right for You?

Overall, we found a lot to like about the Plank mattress from Brooklyn Bedding.  Based on our findings, here’s who we think is the best and worst match for a Plank mattress.

BEST if you:

  • Prefer a very firm bed
  • Are a back or stomach sleeper
  • Like the option of two firmness levels
  • Need good ease of movement and/or motion isolation

NOT IDEAL if you:

  • Are a side sleeper
  • Prefer a slow, melting into the bed feeling
  • Enjoy being ‘cradled’ by your mattress
  • Want a bed with some bounce

Is the Plank bed right for you? Take our Mattress Match Quiz to find mattresses that fit your needs, based on your preferences and price range.

Looking for more on the Plank mattress? Click here to visit their website at


Final Note

If you like the in-depth assessments and objective expertise that we provide in our reviews, please support our work by coming back to whenever you're ready to buy – purchasing through most links on this site provides us with a small referral fee that supports our work at no cost to you.

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