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Puffy Mattress Collection Overview

Last updated on November 21, 2022

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Our comparison of the three mattress models from Puffy.

Note: This is not a review. This is our plain-English explanation and overview of the Puffy mattresses line. We also have an in-depth full review with ratings on the Puffy Original mattress.

If you’d prefer to watch rather than read, watch our Puffy Mattresses Overview video.

Puffy Mattresses: Common Features

Puffy is an online mattress manufacturer and retailer selling made-in-the-USA mattresses with free shipping, a 101-night trial period and a lifetime warranty against defects. Their logo prominently features the outline of a cloud, a clue that these memory foam mattresses are meant to be soft and billowy. We had the opportunity to compare all three models: The Original Puffy, the Puffy Lux Hybrid and the Puffy Royal Hybrid.

The big unifying feature among the three models is a top layer of soft memory foam. If you own an older Puffy mattress purchased prior to 2022, note that Puffy used a different memory foam for earlier models. That memory foam was also soft, but was slower responding, meaning the mattress takes a long time to come back to shape after being depressed.

Today's memory foam is still soft, but responds more quickly. That means there's less of that super slow "melting" sensation when you lie on the mattress. Rather, it's more of a floaty sensation.

The three mattresses all have a stretchy, unquilted cover, though the designs differ a bit on top. The covers can all be fully unzipped and removed for hand washing and spot cleaning. Machine-washing is not recommended.

All three mattresses can be used on an adjustable base.

Now let's look at how these three mattresses differ.

Mattress    Height GoodBed Softness Rating
Original    10" Medium
Lux Hybrid    12" Medium Soft
Royal Hybrid    14" Medium Soft

Puffy Original

Note: We have a full evaluation of the Puffy Original Mattress that includes specific ratings and scores.

The Original Puffy bed is a 10" mattress made entirely of foam. On our spectrum, we would call it a Medium in terms of softness. It's a blend of a 'floating on top' feeling versus sinking deeply in. It's right in the middle, so could be a choice for those who want a little bit of both.

Since this is an all-foam mattress, it's not at all bouncy; the foam absorbs almost all movement. Motion isolation is excellent, so if you are sensitive to a partner's movements, you'll barely feel them on this bed.

The Original Puffy mattress has 2" of Puffy's signature memory foam on top. Under that is a 2" transition layer of what Puffy calls their Climate Control Gel Foam. This second layer is not as soft as the top layer, but is a lot softer than the very firm 6" block of support foam below. It's meant to ease the transition between the two.

Edge support for an all-foam mattress is pretty good. Our tester found it to be better when laying on the mattress than sitting on the edge.

Puffy Lux Hybrid

The middle Puffy mattress in terms of height and price is the Lux Hybrid. This is a 12" tall mattress featuring 1.5" of Puffy's signature soft memory foam on top.

Under that is a 1.5" layer of a different gel memory foam for a total of 3". This foam is also very soft, so compared to the Original, the Lux Hybrid definitely feels softer. We judge it a Medium Soft on our spectrum.

Perhaps the biggest difference is the support layer, which instead of a block of foam is a pocketed coil unit with about 550 coils (queen size). This give the mattress a LOT more bounce than the Puffy Original.

In addition to a softer feel, the Lux Hybrid also has deeper cushioning, so you get more of a "sinking into the mattress" feel compared to the Original.

Though this mattress does have more bounce than the Original, we thought motion isolation was still very good. Edge support is also good, and as with the Original, it's better when laying on the mattress than when sitting on it.

Puffy Royal Hybrid

The top-of-the-line mattress in the Puffy collection is the Puffy Royal Hybrid, a 14" tall mattress.

In terms of construction, this mattress has a lot in common with the Lux Hybrid. At the top, it has the same 3" of memory foam and 2" transition foam. It also has the exact same pocketed coil support unit.

The main difference is a layer of additional convoluted foam. Puffy has carved cloud shapes in it that creates undulations in the foam. The intention is to add some air flow, and also some zoned support. With denser cloud shapes under the hip area, the idea is to create some firmer support in that central third of the mattress.

Overall, we would still call this mattress a Medium Soft, although it is a bit softer than the Lux Hybrid. There's similar cushioning depth and similar memory feel.

There's a difference in bounce; since the Royal Hybrid has more layers of foam on top, that serves to dampen motion from the springs below. The net effect is a mattress that isn't as bouncy as the Lux Hybrid. Motion isolation is excellent.

Edge support isn't quite as good as it is on the Lux Hybrid, but again, it's better when laying on the mattress than sitting on it. Ease of movement is also a little more challenging due to the extra foam. Most people don't find changing positions on a mattress to be difficult, but for those that do, that could be a consideration.

At 14" this is a TALL mattress; something to be mindful of when choosing sheets and bedding.

Other Factors


  • Free delivery to your door

Puffy includes free delivery to your door, which is not particularly unusual among its competitors.



  • 101-day trial period
  • Full refund with proof of donation

Puffy offers buyers a 101-night trial period, and should you decide to initiate a refund, asks that you donate the mattress to a charity. While that sounds easy enough on the surface (and Puffy is not the only company with this policy), it can actually be difficult to donate a mattress since many organizations will not accept them due to hygiene concerns. Puffy asks that buyers try the mattress for at least 14 days before requesting a refund. See: Puffy returns policy



  • Warranty Length: Lifetime, non-prorated for original owner
  • Indentation Coverage: 1.5” and above

One of the biggest, if not THE biggest complaints about any mattress from consumers regards body impressions—the inability of a mattress to spring back, eventually creating a low spot/sinkhole in the mattress. As such, mattress warranties all contain a term defining how big a sag or ‘body impression’ (measured when no one is on the mattress) is considered a defect, and thus covered under the warranty. The industry standard for memory foam mattresses is generally ¾”. Puffy has chosen to cover indentations that meet or exceed 1.5”, about twice that of competing memory foam mattresses, though a 1.5" body-impression policy is more common among innerspring and hybrid mattresses. Practically speaking, that means any softening or sagging would need to be at least that deep before the warranty would offer you protection.

Puffy does, however, offer a lifetime warranty to the original owner, and it's not prorated, meaning that if a material defect is ever found, you get a brand new mattress.

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