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DreamCloud Adjustable Bed Base Overview

Last updated on November 22, 2022

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Our demonstration of the DreamCloud Adjustable Bed Base.

Note: This is not a review. This is our plain-English explanation and overview of the DreamCloud Adjustable Bed Base. Also see our review of the DreamCloud mattress.

If you’d prefer to watch rather than read, watch our DreamCloud Adjustable Base Overview video

DreamCloud Adjustable Base Overview

Here at GoodBed, we're asked more and more frequently about adjustable bases, which got their start as a home version of an adjustable hospital bed. Now, of course, they look nothing like a piece of clinical equipment.

An adjustable base is an easy way to add functionality and comfort to an existing mattress. For more on adjustable bases in general, check out our Adjustable Base Buyer's Guide.

The DreamCloud Adjustable Bed Frame has all the standard features you'll find on most adjustable bases, including the ability to raise both the head and the foot, along with several presets, including a less common "anti-snore' setting. Other less common features include USB ports right on the frame, handy for plugging in a phone, and a timer for the massage features, and an unusually generous trial period and return policy.

It's important to note the the DreamCloud Adjustable Base does NOT have to be used with a DreamCloud mattress. It can be used with any adjustable-base-friendly mattress. Keep in mind, however, that DreamCloud often offers discounts on 'bundles' that include the base with a mattress.

The DreamCloud base is missing a couple of features seen on higher-end models, like a wall-hugger feature and under-bed lighting. But the DreamCloud does have a big bonus -- a 50-night trial period with free returns. Most competing adjustable bases are non-returnable, making it difficult if not impossible to try before you buy.

The base is available in twin XL, full/double, queen, and split king sizes (where both sides of the bed can be adjusted independently.

The DreamCloud Adjustable Base has a total weight capacity of 1,000 pounds, which would include the weight of your mattress. Here's our closer look at its features and functionality.

Elevation Features

The DreamCloud adjustable base has both head and foot adjustments, which can be operated separately or together. There is a "flat" button that returns the bed to the original position. In addition to being able to manually raise the head and foot however you like, there are some presets.

TV: This is a preset head-up feature that's set by the factory which raises the head and foot for a position comfortable for watching TV in bed.

Zero-G: This setting raises both head and foot a small amount, meant to be a position that takes the most pressure off of any one part of the body. The idea is to feel as if you are floating.

Anti-snore: This setting raises the head just a tiny bit (less than 10 degrees), intended to quiet snoring.

Reading: Similar to the TV setting, this raises the head to a comfortable reading position.

'M': This button is all yours to customize with your own setting.

The 'flat' and 'anti-snore' buttons are fixed, but the other four can all be customizes. You would simply put the bed in the position of your liking, the hold down the mode button and the 'flat' button at the same time to save the setting.

Noise can always be an issue with adjustable bed, but we found the DreamCloud base to be very quiet. We really could not hear the foot motor and all, and the head motor was only really perceptible on the highest massage settings.

Massage Features

The DreamCloud Adjustable Bed Frame includes quite a bit of massage functionality. You can choose to vibrate the head or the foot. or both. Each has seven speeds, and three wave modes are available as well. One wave setting pulsates the head and foot. The other two alternate head and foot massage to achieve a sort of 'wave' or 'rolling' effect.

The default timer on the massage features is 10 minutes, but you can add another 10 or 20 minutes with the remote.

If you have never used the massage feature on an adjustable base, understand that it's really not a massage feeling such as you might receive if you visited a massage practitioner. Rather, it's a vibration feature that we found very relaxing.

Remote and App

The remote control (or controls if you order the split king) is wireless. The keypad is backlit so it's easier to see in the dark.

In addition to the controls, the remote can double as a flashlight with the push of a button.

The buttons are large and easy to read, and we found the layout to be intuitive.The remote also has a lock, handy to keep children from operating the bed.

It's worth noting that we did have some trouble pairing our remote to the bed. However, a call to customer service was quick and solved the issue.

You also have the option of controlling the bed with the free Resident Adjustable Bed App (for iOS or Android), which offers the same functionality as the remote. That's handy if you lose the remote or if two people want their own controller.

Assembly and Furniture

The DreamCloud base will arrive in a large box that weighs close to 150 pounds, so moving it and setting it up really is a two-person job.

You'll need to move it to your bedroom and assemble it yourself (unless you pay for optional white glove delivery). Assembly was a straightforward process, but we would recommend a second pair of hands. It took us about 15 minutes.

The DreamCloud base is designed to drop right into any full-frame bed furniture, like a sleigh bed, with no additional hardware -- you would just need to remove any slats or supports that might be already in the middle of your furniture.

The frame, however, cannot attach to a headboard out of the box, but an optional headboard bracket is available from DreamCloud.

When you assemble it, you'll also need to decide on height. Depending on how you install the feet. The feet come in three pieces; an 8" section, a 3" section and a 2" section. You simply screw the pieces together to achieve the height you want. Screwing all three together would result in 13" legs. Combine that with the height of the frame and you're looking at a maximum total frame height of around 18".

The mechanical parts and motors all fit underneath and inside the frame, so nothing hangs down under the adjustable bed -- that's handy if you use your underbed space for storage.

Another nice feature is USB ports; there are two on each side of the base, nested just inside the frame. That allows you to plug your phone charger right into the base.

Delivery, Returns, & Warranty

  • Free delivery to door
  • White-glove delivery available

The DreamCloud Adjustable Bed Frame comes packed in a box, so you'll be responsible for getting it into the house and putting it together unless you upgrade to white-glove delivery for an additional $150. If you do, set up in the room of your choice is included, and movers will remove all the packaging.

  • 50-night trial period with free returns
Most adjustable bases are not returnable, but the DreamCloud is an exception. You get 50 nights to try the frame at home, and if you decide to return it, you may do so for a full refund. The company will even arrange to pick it up from you.
    •  3 year warranty with limitations

    DreamCloud includes a 3-year total warranty for its adjustable frame, but only the first year is a true 'bumper to bumper' warranty that covers everything. In that first year, if you have a valid warranty claim, the company will send replacement parts, or replace the entire unit if necessary. During the second year, only parts are covered, not labor (if needed). And in the third year, only the structural parts are cover; coverage for the motors and electronics ends after the second year. 

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