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Lineal Adjustable Bed Frame Overview

Last updated on June 22, 2022

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Our demonstration of the features and functionality of the Lineal Adjustable Base from Saatva

Note: This is not a review. This is our plain-English explanation and overview of the Lineal Adjustable Base available from Saatva.

If you’d prefer to watch rather than read, watch our Lineal Adjustable Base Overview video

Lineal by Saatva Overview

Here at GoodBed, we're asked more and more frequently about adjustable bases, which got their start as a home version of an adjustable hospital bed. Now, of course, they look nothing like a piece of clinical equipment.

An adjustable base is an easy way to add functionality and comfort to an existing mattress. For more on adjustable bases in general, check out our Adjustable Base Buyer's Guide.

The Lineal base from mattress-manufacturer Saatva is made for the company by Leggett & Platt, who makes a large number of mattress components, and who manufacturers adjustable beds for a number of other companies.


Saatva's adjustable base has several features found only on higher-end bases, including a wallhugger feature, a zero-gravity setting, a wireless remote, and underbed lighting. The base works with any mattress that's adjustable-base compatible, including most of Saatva's own models.

The base is available in twin, twin XL, full/double, queen, king and California king sizes. For the two king sizes, it comes as a split configuration, with both sides of the bed able to be adjusted independently with its own remote control. (If you prefer the entire king-size bed to operate with one remote, that can be configured at installation.)

The Lineal has a total weight capacity of 850 pounds, which would include the weight of your mattress.

Here's our closer look at the Lineal's features and functionality.

Position Features

The most basic adjustable bases raise only the head. The Lineal has both head and foot adjustments, which can be operated separately or together.

To go from completely flat to a fully raised head position takes about 35 seconds. To fully raise the foot, that's about 23 seconds. There is a "flat" button that returns the bed to the original position. In addition to being able to manually raise the head and foot however you like, there are some pre-sets:

TV: This is a pre-set head-up feature that's set by the factory. You can easily override that setting, and create your own preferred position, saving it as your personal TV setting.

Zero-G: This setting raises both head and foot a small amount, meant to be a position that takes the most pressure off of any one part of the body. The idea is to feel as if you are floating. As with the TV button, you can customize this setting too.

Custom: As the name suggests, you can save a third preferred setting here so you're able to return to it whenever you like.

Wall-hugger functionality

A feature not found on less expensive adjustable bases is a wall-hugger feature. When you raise the head of the Lineal base, the entire base also rolls back. This is meant to keep the head of the bed closer to the wall, and to any bedside furniture you may have so your items are within easy reach even when the base is fully raised.

A wall-hugger feature might not sound like a big benefit, but in our view it really is. An adjustable base without this feature will put you about 7" further away from your bedside table when the head is fully raised. In our opinion, a wall-hugger feature is a huge convenience.


Massage Features

The Lineal adjustable base from Saatva also includes massage features, and the head and the foot can be operated independently or together. Both head and foot have three speeds/levels, and a "wave" button allows you to alternate between head and foot massage features. There is no timer feature on the massage functions, so you'd need to turn them off manually.

It's worth noting that we did notice noise and vibration from the massage motors. We tested the base on a hardwood floor, and we could feel vibrations on the floor, and see it in out water glasses. The company recommended using the base on a carpeted floor, or installing rubber pads under the legs to reduce vibration.

Wireless Remote


The remote control (or controls if you order the king size Lineal) is wireless. The keypad layout is clear and easy to read, and is backlit so it's easier to see in the dark.

In addition to the controls, the remote can double as a flashlight with the push of a button.

The remote also controls the under-bed lighting. This is a handy feature that can illuminate the floor under the bed and make it easier to get in and out of bed without having to turn on a larger light.

Also notable is lock function. Simple hold that button down for a few seconds to lock the keys of the remote -- an important safety feature if you have kids or pets.

Installation and Furniture


The Lineal adjustable base (as noted below) comes with free delivery and set up. The height of the base is adjustable in that the legs can be set at either 6" or 10", effectively changing the height of the base from 14" to 18" off the floor.

The side of the base are covered in a nice looking anti-microbial fabric that needs no other furniture or accessories. Many people, however, will want to incorporate their existing bedroom furniture.

The Lineal is designed to drop right into any full-frame bed furniture, like a sleigh bed, with no additional hardware.

If you want to attach a headboard, Saatva includes hardware to adapt the attachments so you can do so.

Delivery, Returns, & Warranty

  • Free delivery
  • White-glove setup included
  • No returns

Saatva includes free white-glove delivery for the Lineal, regardless of whether you order a mattress for it at the same time. The base weighs almost 300 pounds -- so you'll definitely be happy someone delivers and sets it up for you.

As for returns, we are accustomed to seeing 100-night (or sometimes longer) return periods for mattresses, but the same does not apply for adjustable bases. The Lineal cannot be returned or exchanged.

  • 25-year pro-rated warranty
  • First 5 years "bumper to bumper"
The Lineal includes a 25-year total warranty, but there are some conditions. For the first five years, the Lineal is fully guaranteed against against defects, and the company will repair or replace the unit at no charge, and there's no charge for any associated delivery or pickup fees.
From years 6 through 25, owners are responsible for a portion of repair costs based on months of ownership. In addition, owners will be responsible for any associated delivery or pickup charges.


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