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I read the newest version of the Layla Hybrid has a "New Age" light, airy, memory foam feel. I'm not exactly sure what this feels like in comparison to a standard viscoelastic memory foam bed like TempurPedic. I was hoping to get a better description of this new memory foam. Thanks.

asked Aug 15
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Robertr from Wentzville, MO
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Hi Robert -- Thanks for your question. First, I'd recommend watching or reading our editorial coverage of these products, which will give you about the best possible sense of what to expect when ordering these. The Layla coverage will show you that product, and the Tempur coverage will give you a frame of reference that you already know for comparison.

The short answer is that while Tempur offers an array of models in different feels now, the classic Tempur--Pedic mattress feel that you are likely thinking of is a very dense feel (almost dough-like). There is a lot of initial surface firmness until it very slowly molds to your body. Layla's memory foam is much softer than this, which also gives it more of that "airy" (ie, less dense) feel. Because it molds to your body much more quickly, and provides less of that slow-melting delated response sensation.

Note that the majority of these differences fall into the "Feel" preference categories that we track on GoodBed. For these characteristics, there is no universal better or worse -- only better or worse for your personal preferences.

I hope that's helpful.

answered Aug 16
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