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I'd like to know exactly what chemicals are used in the making of the Serta Cary Firm. Does anyone have an MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) on this bed? I am especially interested in knowing what chemicals are used to make this bed fireproof. Thanks!

asked Aug 08 '13
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If Serta doesn't respond here, your best bet is to contact them directly and ask them for an MSDS. However, don't be surprised if they tell you that the information is 'proprietary'. Mattress manufacturers don't usually provide MSDS sheets for their beds (I have asked and I'm a dealer).

If chemicals are a concern, your best bet is to purchase a 100% Natural or Organic bed and to find one that is in your price range. They are not the cheep mattresses though.

Good luck in your search.

answered Aug 09 '13
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Hi.. I wondered the same thing and was able to confirm (through a factory representative) that Serta uses borates as flame retardant. Borates are used to kill roaches and ants...check online information regarding toxic flame retardants. Thanks!

answered Aug 26 '13
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