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How would you rate motion transfer on the Beautyrest Black L extra firm versus Medium? Thanks

asked Dec 07 '20
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Hi there -- Thanks for your question. In general, the ability for a mattress to prevent one side of a mattress from being disturbed my motion on the other side is going to have more to do with the underlying support layer on the bottom half of the mattress than the comfort layers on the top half. Since the underlying support layers of the two mattresses you mentioned are the same, the overall motion isolation in these two models would be pretty similar. That said, the comfort layers can play a role on the margins, and I would generally say that when the amount of memory foam is held relatively equal (as it would be in this case), a mattress with softer cushioning on top will generally have slightly better motion isolation than one with firmer cushioning. So if I had to pick a winner, I'd give a slight edge to the Medium in this case, but overall it's very close. I hope that's helpful.

answered Dec 08 '20
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