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This bed I bought is too soft and I need to return it. I didn't want a firm mattress and I was offered a medium firm one. But it doesn't feel medium firm. I sink in so much in the middle I have to keep pushing myself upward so my back muscles aren't forced into my neck area. I'm not sure if I only have one exchange at this store. If the next bed I buy is not the right one either then I'm stuck with a bed I can't sleep comfortably on. And this 2nd bed I buy may be more expensive. Rather then have this experience, will the store refund this mattress when I take it back? It has a 90 day "try it out first" policy. I'm in Ontario, Canada.

asked Jul 10 '13
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Anne J from Hamilton, ON
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Dear Anne, The only person to answer this question would be the sales associate who sold the bed to you. Each store is different but, in my experience, very few stores (including mine - also in Ontario, Canada) give refunds. We also have a 90 day comfort guarantee with a one-time exchange. However, have I exchanged the bed a second time? Yes, in very rare cases. Most good mattress stores have a pretty large variety of mattresses so that you can find exactly the right match for you. When you go back for your exchange, take LOTS of time to try out beds. When you find a couple mattresses that feel good to you, take 15-30 minutes on each bed to see how your body reacts. Ask lots of questions. Dress comfortably. You may have to visit the store a couple times. If you only have one exchange, don't rush.

Good luck!

answered Jul 11 '13
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Debi Chewerda ♦
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