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Hi, I have a question about my mattress, a king-size Dreamwell mattress. I paid a lot of money for it and I need to know if I can exchange it for a softer mattress. It does have a label that says a 10 year warranty on it so I really want to know if I could switch my mattress. This mattress is no good - I would really like a new one that is softer. I haven't had it any longer than 6-7 months, and it has two little stains on it which I didn't realize.

asked Aug 22 '14
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Most companies have an exchange policy but those don't last more than 3-4 months in most cases so you will likely be stuck with the mattress regardless of stains. Your best option is to go back to the place you bought it from to see if they can offer any solutions.

You should also get a mattress protector right away. If in 5-6 months it has two tiny stains on it, think of what it will look like in 10 years. Try to clean the stains off too and the warranty can be saved if you remove them completely. Most customers shrug the importance of a protector but this is why we bring it up to everybody buying a bed.

answered Aug 22 '14
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I'm afraid the short answer here is no, for several reasons. First, your issue here is about "comfort," meaning that there is nothing wrong with the bed except that it doesn't meet your personal comfort preference. This means that this wouldn't qualify as a warranty issue. And even if it did, there is some chance the two little stains you mentioned would void your warranty (sad, but true). So, your only hope would be if you bought it from a retailer that has a return / exchange policy, but as Andrew pointed out even in the best cases these rarely last more than 90-120 days.

Sadly, it seems you don't have a lot of good options in this case. Sorry we don't have better news for you.

answered Aug 30 '14
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