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Why is the bed so hot and my pain in my spine so bad with a new gel plush euro top mattress? I am having severe back heat and pain, and I already have a spinal condition. I am in New Orleans, LA.

asked Jul 09 '13
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Let's tackle the heat first. Gel is a cooling material, when it was first introduced, I held a piece of the foam in my hand for almost a half hour, and it remained cool. The first thing to consider is what is between you and the gel. Synthetic mattress pads or the newer waterproof (or older for that mater) will insulate you from the cooling properties of the gel. It would also count the material the manufacturer used in construction, most I would think would not put material that goes against the cooling properties. Sheets can also affect the gel. Use good quality sheets and mattress pads, with 100% cotton being a good choice. There are also more expensive items that may help like the better wool pads, or even things like Outlast, or Coolmax. Experiment for a night and remove anything but the sheets from the bed and see if that helps.

As for the pain, that is probably harder to solve. You say you have had pain before, and I would be interested to know if it got worse, or better with the new bed. I would also ask how you bought your bed. A major consumer magazine recommends that you lay on potential beds for 15 minutes. It also depends on your sleep position on what type of bed may be best. Let me explain, if you are a stomach sleeper, a very hard mattress is right for you, you should also bend one knee in this position to foster proper posture. Side sleepers need softer materials, so they allow the bed to contour and reduce the pressure points at the hips and shoulders. Back sleepers need a medium soft bed, so that the posture qualities allow for the hips and shoulders to sink better in to the bed. If your pain is from an accident or injury, that can affect the type of bed you need. If your pain is worse in the morning, you probably are not sleeping on the right material, especially since it is relatively new.

Probably not what you were hoping for, there is no magic material, just the one that works for you. Personally that material was air tech, like the Comfortaire beds we sell. Good luck, if you want to talk more about it we can be reached by email or phone.

answered Jul 10 '13
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