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How does this medium Aurora compare to a firm? What helps make the firm mattress feel firmer? Are the two firmness levels constructed differently; does the firm have heavier coils; are the upper levels of foam different?

asked Aug 10 '20
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M from Alexander City, AL
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Hi there -- Thanks for your question. The difference between the Firm and Medium versions of the Brooklyn Aurora is in the foam layers above the coils. What makes the firm model feel firmer is simply the use of firmer formulations of the upper layers of foam -- principally the TitanFlex foam that constitutes the primary comfort material of the mattress.

As you may know, the same foam can be made in different firmness levels but with otherwise similar properties in terms of responsiveness, air flow, conductivity, and the like. With most mattress brands across the market, this is the most common way that multiple feel options are offered within a given product line.

Lastly, in case you hadn't seen it yet, I think you should find the answers to most or all of your questions about the Aurora in our very in-depth review of this mattress, which you can read or watch here:

I hope that's helpful.

answered Aug 10 '20
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