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Wondering if this would be a good mattress for us (hubby is 6'4" 220lb and I'm 5'4" 130lb. We both alternate between sleeping on our sides and backs so I'm looking at a medium firmness though I know that it is subjective and can feel different for a heavier person than for a lighter person. I've considered some of the mattresses geared for bigger folks but after reading reviews am concerned that they might be too firm for me. Strong edge support and "sleeping too hot" are also major concerns as we tend to utilize all of our queen bed due to his size and often end up with 1 or 2 kids in the bed as well.

asked Sep 30 '19
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LL from Marysville, WA
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Hi LL -- Thanks for your question. We haven't yet done an in-depth review of that particular model so I'm afraid I can't speak to it in as much detail as I can for the many mattresses we have reviewed. That said, your question is one that we've come across before so I can offer some helpful suggestions.

First of all, while your husband's weight does put him on the heavier side, he's also quite tall, meaning his weight is distributed over a broader surface area. Based on this, I would imagine his overall 'build' is really closer to average, in which case you aren't necessarily limited to mattresses that are specifically designed for heavier people per se.

Have you taken the GoodBed Quiz yet? If not, I would certainly recommend this as a first step, since it will assess your needs and preferences based on a broader set of criteria than what you've provided here. You can find that quiz here:

That said, based on the criteria you did provide, a couple options that come to mind would be the following:

  • WinkBed Plus ( -- this mattress is technically designed for heavier people, and has some beefed up coils to back that up, but it also has enough surface softness that we classify it as a Medium overall and specifically noted that we think even lighter people could be well-served by it.

  • Avocado ( -- this mattress is not technically designed for heavier people but has a very solid design that we think will hold up well for bigger folks. It also goes out of its way to use all natural materials, to the extent that's important to you. Given your size and propensity for side-sleeping, I'd recommend the pillow-top version in your case, which is still not quite as soft as the WinkBed Plus (we classify it as a Medium-Firm). For a side sleeper of your size, I think it offers just enough softness to conform to your light-weight curves, provided you are someone who prefers a bit of a firmer feel on balance.

I hope that's helpful.

answered Sep 30 '19
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