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I'm interested in medium firmness in: BB Bowery (all foam) BB Aurora (hybrid) BB Signature (hybrid) Ghostbed Luxe (all foam)

I am interested in medium firmness and coolness. I prefer memory foam over hybrid, but don't want to be hot while sleeping. I currently am sleeping on a 10 year old Simmons BeautyRest with pillowtop (approx 14 inches thick). Its time for a new mattress. This one is starting to feel like a brick.

The Aurora, because of the coolness factor, but the negative for me is the hybrid factor and the price.

The Signature, because it seems from reviews it sleeps cooler than the Bowery and is cheaper than the Aurora, and the Signature is considered temperature neutral, but the negative is its still a hybrid.

The Bowery for the all foam bed, but don't want the warming issues.

I would be interested in the Cocoon Chill by Sealy, but based on research, the bigger names usually use lower quality materials. quoted: soft-Cocoon mattress by Sealy, a density of 3 pounds in the Perfect Fit memory foam layer and 1.8 pounds in the Comfort Layer memory foam,1.8 pounds in the transition and base layers. Firm -same except it features three pound memory foam in the comfort layer with a larger eight-inch chunk of the high-dense support base.

Finally, the Ghostbed Luxe for the all foam construction and the cooling factor its supposed to have, but the negative is the price. Considering I am just about willing to pay the higher price for the BB Aurora and Ghostbed Luxe, thats going to be my max budget.

I would love to get some feedback from any and all if you have or have had any of these beds and what your thoughts are on them as far as feel, durability, hot/cool sleeping, and anything else you can offer.

I cannot find the specs on the BB mattresses nor the Ghostbed Luxe. Any feedback on these specs will be appreciated. I would like to buy before the July 4th holiday to take advantage of the discounts.

I'm looking at sleeping hot issues durability price to an extent best feel

asked Jul 02 '18
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