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Hi, I have read reviews from various mattress reviews blog like but confused to chose the best bed for back pain relief. Let me know if any one know the best one. Thanks in advance.

asked Jun 01 '18
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John m from Wilmington, DE
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Jun 28 '18

Hi John --

Thanks for your question. The short answer is that no mattress can be universally good for back pain, since 1) there are many causes for back pain (each having different solutions), and 2) in many cases the solution will entail finding a mattress that best fits your body size and shape.

For example, certain causes of back pain (eg, fibromyalgia) could point to an acute need for pressure relief. In other cases (eg, scoliosis, slipped disc, etc.), you might find that the ability make small adjustments to the softness of your mattress when you change positions might make a big difference in your pain level. In other cases (eg, spondylolisthesis) you might find that using a mattress with an adjustable base allows you to find new positions that greatly relieve back pain. Ease of repositioning is another factor that can have widely varying importance for back pain sufferers.

But for most people, the best mattress-related answer for a "bad lower back" is better spinal alignment. For this, there will be no mattress that is best for everyone, since spinal alignment is a matter of "fit" between you and the mattress. That's why we talk so much in our reviews about which types of sleepers will get the best back support (spinal alignment) and pressure relief from that mattress -- so you can determine whether that mattress is right for you. Our reviews also cover all of the other characteristics of that mattress (eg, ease of repositioning, adjustable base compatibility, etc.) so that you can make sure you are choosing a mattress that is the overall best match for your unique needs and preferences.

I'm sorry I can't provide a more specific answer on this one, but I hope this explanation is helpful nonetheless.

answered Jun 01 '18
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