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I'm looking for a king size adjustable bed, but most manufacturers seem to only make split kings. I mostly sleep alone and I don't want to have a split right down the middle where I sleep, and I really don't want the cost of buying two separate units to make a "split king." Are there any true king size adjustable beds out there that are worth looking at?

asked Dec 23 '17
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Hi there -- Thanks for your question. You are right that a common configuration with a King-size bed is to use two "paired" Twin XL bases. But do note that when the two bases are paired (meaning, both bases are powered by the same remote), they function as one. So you don't need to have a split down the middle that you'd feel while you're sleeping -- you can simply use an ordinary King-size mattress.

That said, it sounds like you are certain that you won't need the added functionality offered by having the two separate bases, so you are right to want to avoid the extra cost as well. Here is a popular option that is highly-rated on Amazon and that comes in a King size:

We also did a video overview of this base that you may find helpful, which you can see here:

answered Dec 27 '17
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