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Hi.. I need to know what type of mattress and pillows are best for a high humidity climate like Hawaii. The home we are moving into has no air conditioning or heater so we can't control the humidity at all except for opening the windows. I don't want to buy a mattress and have it end up with mold or mildew. What type is best? Or does a cover help control moisture in the mattress? Does the same stand true for pillows also? We don't mind paying for a great bed, we just don't want it ruined by mold/mildew in a year. Any recommendations?

asked May 08 '13
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Sabrina R from Kalaheo, HI
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Lots of good advice. And everyone has their favorite style, including me. We sell air technology by Comfortaire, like others it can be opened to inspect and clean if need be. Mold is everywhere, it will live on foam. That being said, also consider a dehumidifier, they are not that expensive and they will remove humidity. From the sounds of it, the sea breeze must keep the temperature manageable, or else AC would be in the house. As long as there is air movement, mold is kept a little in check. Comfortaire uses bamboo in many of their covers, and CertiPUR-US foams.

Check with neighbors and see if mold is indeed a problem before worrying too much. Always buy the mattress that feels the best to YOU. Shop stores that answer questions and don't unnecessarily move you to a specific brand. Buy from a store that offers a sleep trial, or return privilege. And enjoy the 50th state, I hear its nice! ;)

answered May 08 '13
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Tom Heller ♦
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Dear Sabrina, When you asked about a mattress for humidity, there is but one mattress that is "Best In Class" it is the Somnium Company Mattress. They are the ultimate in air circulation. It is unlike any other mattress!!! They have minimal foam, which by the way they use mold resistant foams, but the huge story is their incredible omni directional automotive grade plastic spring. Go to their web site it is easier to understand. Air is free to flow through the mattress springs like no other mattress. I think they carry it at C.S. Wo & Sons in Hawaii. It is a very comfortable mattress too! You can also unzip and wash the entire cover, which is edged with venting mesh! It is perfect for what you are looking for!

answered May 08 '13
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Jimi Breazeale ♦
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May 08 '13

Hi Sabrina,

Thank you for your question!

The most important thing for a hot, humid environment is actually the bedding you use. Make sure you are using a bedding ensemble with highly breathable fabrics. Nothing with polyester, etc.

The best mattresses for a hot, humid environment are ones that you can move around easily in, that don't conform as much to your body. A firm or plush firm model would be best.

However, major brands have largely addressed their mattresses being too hot. So, you may want to choose the one that is most comfortable for you.

Also, I would recommend that you speak with a representative of a local Hawaii store that is an experienced staff member. They should be able to assist you with a specific recommendation.

Thank you again and if you have any questions please feel free to give us a call to discuss!

Have a wonderful day,

Kevin Williams

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answered May 08 '13
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Kevin Williams ♦
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Mattresses made of polyurethane foam and synthetics do not do well in the heat if you are concerned about toxic chemicals. Because as the foam heats up you get more toxic off-gassing of chemicals such as chemical flame retardants, formaldehyde and petroleum oil based urethane foams.

I think the best combination is organic latex, organic wool and organic cotton. No FR materials or synthetic latex which is toxic also. I like to use a coconut rug coir fiber under the mattress to absorb moisture. Especially if you are going to put it on the floor, in that case I would recommend two (1) inch layers of coconut fiber.

Also, a mattress that has a zipper casing like the 100% organic ones we make here at Mountain Air Organic Beds. Our mattresses would allow you to unzip your mattress and inspect it for mold. If you do see mold you know you can expose the layers (not to direct sunlight) but to the air and that will allow the mold to dry out in a few days.

If you don't have air or heat you should also stay away from memory foam. Memory foam will feel very soft in heat and very hard in cold temperatures and difficult to get a consistent feel.

If you would like to learn more about how we make organic mattresses and why our mattresses would make a great bed for you, please visit our website.

answered May 08 '13
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Joyce Walker... ♦
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May 08 '13

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