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I bought an airloom plush mattress an I don't feel it's the one I ordered. It feels firmer the one I wanted was like a cloud how do I find out for sure it's. The one I ordered besides the receipt ?

asked Sep 24 '17
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Hi there -- Thanks for your question. Sometimes the name of the mattress is embroidered onto the mattress in some way. If not, all beds should have a law tag on them that often says the name of the model. If it doesn't, it should at least say the name of the manufacturer and some sort of model ID -- from that, you can contact the manufacturer and ask them for more information about this model. Hopefully, they can tell you what this model would have been called at the retailer from which you purchased it, so that you can confirm whether the model you received matches the one on your receipt.

answered Sep 24 '17
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