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I was told that the mattress was a "white dove" mattress. I now find it is manufactured by city mattress. Is there a connection between the companies or did I misunderstand?

asked Aug 06 '17
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Willy from Orchard Park, NY
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Hi Willy -- Thanks for your question. To be honest, I am not 100% sure who manufactures this mattress. I do know that City Mattress manufactures the PranaSleep line themselves, however I am guessing that the "City Mattress" line is made by a contract manufacturer under the City Mattress brand and in accordance with specifications provided by City Mattress -- so this contract manufacturer could very well be White Dove.

For GoodBed's part, we list all products under their brand (in this case, City Mattress) because that is who is ultimately standing behind the product. Also, in many cases, the actual factory that manufactured the product is not publicized or varies by region.

I hope that helps.

answered Aug 07 '17
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GoodBed Help ♦♦
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The Yosemite is made for us at City Mattress by White Dove in Cleveland, Ohio.

answered Aug 07 '17
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Katie Shotwell ♦
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