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How doe Saatva Ultra Plush compare with Simmons Black Covington Hybrids collections ?

asked Aug 11 '16
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Robert T from Bryant, AR
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Hi Robert -- Thanks for your question.

Here are the two biggest differences between the Saatva and the Beautyrest Black Hybrid:

1) In the support layer, Saatva uses a connected coil unit, whereas Beautyrest Black uses pocketed coils. Pocketed coils are better for motion isolation, so you will find that Beautyrest Black allows for less disturbance when a partner moves around or gets in and out of bed.

2) Both use some memory foam at the top of the mattress, but Beautyrest Black uses a lot more. As an alternative, Saatva uses a layer of micro-coils as its primary comfort layer, which are located under the thin memory foam layer. This gives the Saatva a bit more bounce and less of that slow-responding memory feel on top. This can be either a plus or a minus, depending on how much you like that "memory" feel, which is strictly a matter of personal preference.

That said, I was able to find your quiz results, and it struck me that a latex mattress might be a slightly better match for you than either of these. Pressure relief is very important for you given your fibromyalgia, and although latex is not quite as good for pressure relief as memory foam, it is still very good. But on the plus side, it also would be easier to move around on than memory foam, which would be helpful given your arthritis (giving it a slight advantage over the Beautyrest Black, but not really the Saatva, which should be plenty easy to move around on). And latex contains fewer chemicals than memory foam, which is nice since you said natural materials are somewhat important to you. Have you considered any of the latex options?

If you are drawn to Saatva's excellent customer service record, they actually have a latex brand that they recently launched called Zenhaven, which you can read about here:

Lastly, I want to point out that as a plus-sized sleeper, you will sink deeper into any mattress than other folks, no matter what mattress "type" you ultimately choose. So, you'll need a mattress that has sufficient thickness in its comfort layers to ensure that you don't "bottom out" -- in which case you won't be getting adequate pressure relief. But just as importantly, you'll need a mattress that has a firm support core in the bottom layers in order to ensure proper and sufficient back support. Pocketed coils in general are not quite as good for plus-size sleepers because it's hard for individual coils to provide enough support for higher weight amounts while still allowing conformance for people that are lower weights. By contrast, connected coil units (like Saatva's for example) allow the entire coil unit to "share" the load, offering better support for heavier people (the trade-off is reduced conformance, which is less of an issue in your case but for the benefit of other readers, Saatva does offset this by having individually pocketed micro-coils in its comfort layer). Lastly, you in particular should be sure to stay away from any Beautyrest model that has a "Plush" comfort level -- Beautyrest is unique in that they use lighter weight steel in the coils of their Plush models, which is a very bad match for a heavier sleeper.

Hope that helps!

answered Aug 15 '16
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