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Is there a new or different name for the iSeries Emissary Super Pillow Top mattress? I recently purchased this mattress after trying the iComfort Obsrver SPT and liked the Emissary better as it felt slightly firmer, yet soft on top, and the salesman said it was made with cashmere in the top cover which helps with absorbing body heat. At the time I didn't realize this was a 2014 discontinued model. It was supposed to be in stock but was four days late on delivery and I realized it was just made in 03/2016. This seemed a bit strange and I cannot find any information about mattress content or reviews of this model when searching. I'm concerned that it doesn't have all that it's supposed to have inside as it came lumpy looking on top and although it's supposed to be good for side-sleepers it just doesn't feel soft on top or seem to have the support of the floor model. I want so badly to peep inside :)

asked Apr 04 '16
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Asked: Apr 04 '16

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